Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Week

Dear Family,
I am doing really well. Things are starting to pick up and we are seeing great blessings. The greatest blessings that we were able to witness was that Endurance was able to pass his baptismal interview. What happened was that Endurance is quite busy during the week and only has Sundays open for him to go to church and for us to teach him. So really with his baptism being next Sunday, yesterday was the only possible day for us to do his interview. After speaking to him about it as we were walking to church and a little before church started, we realized because of some things he had done in his past that he needed to be interviewed by President Griffiths or someone that he assigns. Thankfully, Elder Keith, a senior couple missionary in charge of the YSA in Aberdeen, was given permission to do it. So after some more phone calls, we were able to set it up and go over to his home. He passed his interview and Elder Keith said that in his time in Aberdeen, he has seen many people prepare to be baptized whom he know would not last long, but he feels that Endurance will stay and be active even when he goes back to Nigeria. So that was a great miracle.
We are still teaching Das who is doing well and is understanding more and more about what we are teaching him. We are excited because he accepted another baptismal date on March 25 which we hope that he can make. We also started teaching this man named Steven again. He is good and has seen great blessings come his way ever since we started meeting with him and he started praying. I feel that he wants to start his life over again and know what God can do for him in his life. We also started teaching this less-active and his partner named Don and Kimmy. Don wants to start coming back to activity. He feels that if he can swing himself up with our help that he can stay. Many times he has tried to come back, but for one thing or another it didn't work out. His partner, Kimmy said that she felt good when the missionaries were teaching her before. We also started teaching this man named James. He was given a Book of Mormon by some other missionaries and he read the first few pages and like what he had read. His read comprehension is good. He like the Restoration and is looking forward to coming to church and bringing a few of his friends along.
Some other things that we did this week was that I went to Edinburgh on exchanges with one of the assistants and that was fun to do and be and work somewhere different for a day. I also went on exchange with Elder Ellett in Bridge of Don. There we had a neat experience. So we went out to see the Bishop and then he took us back to our flat and it was 8 at night. Elder Ellett had nothing planned because he thought that he was going to be taking the train home. So we decided quickly to try by some people in the area. They weren't in. So after some more discussion on where to go and what to do, somehow we decided to walk down the road that we were on. At the end of the road, this girl was walking towards and Elder Ellett stopped her. We spoke and gave her a Book of Mormon. Then Elder Ellett said, "Hey I'm pretty cold. Can we go over to your place?" She hesitated and then said that we could. So we walked her to her flat. Her name is Beth. We taught her and answered many of her questions. After our discussion, you could tell that she had real intent to read from the Book of Mormon that night. For me, it really shows how the Lord can lead your feet into places that you need to be.
My personal opinion would be that it would be very good to rent a car even though the public transport is good, I think that it would cost more and take much longer if we just used a car. As far as places to visit. I would really like to Cavehill because that was my favorite area. Galway is 2 hours from Dublin and Dublin is about 2-2.5 hours south of Belfast. My thoughts on the matter are that we would leave Edinburgh and go to Kirkcaldy. Then from there we could go to Aberdeen, Elgin, Loch Ness, down to Ayr, across to Belfast and if we can, Galway. Galway is nice because it has really nice scenery and the cliffs of moher which are amazing. If this doesn't really work, that's okay. Cavehill is the place that I really want to return to. I think that I'll make a modified list of people to visit in each area.
Thank you for all that you do and for all that you write each week.

Elder Buxton

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