Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moves Week

Dear Family,
We are doing really well and had quite a busy week and today has been really busy as well which is why we are emailing so late. So about moves, Elder Freckleton is moving to Livingston which is in Edinburgh Zone. I am staying here and getting as my companion Elder Heidler. He is from Germany. He was in my district when I was in Galway. He is good and I liked him when we were there. I look forward to him being here. He is coming over from Ireland and will spend all day Wednesday traveling over here. He'll be really tired when he gets here.
Today we helped one of our investigators move. She was being taught by the Elgin missionaries and is now moving to Aberdeen so the Elgin missionaries and us went to Keith to help her move. It took just about all day which is why we are emailing at this time. It was good and hopefully the help will allow her to focus more on spiritual things. She is a nice lady. Her name is Elizabeth and is from Bolivia.
This past week, the greatest success was that we were able to teach Endurance's wife, Blessing. She is really nice and even though she feels like a child hearing these things for the first time, she is excited to learn. On Sunday the whole family came to church and Blessings said that she was starting to like what she was learning. Das also came to church. He is doing well and is now stopped praying to Hindu gods and now only to our Heavenly Father. One great experience happened as we went by a former investigator named Mark. He had been taught by missionaries on and off. I believe that he was nearly baptized in his youth in the Shetland Islands, but his mom didn't allow him. He seemed to know just about everything about the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and most of the commandments. He was also reading from his Book of Mormon each day. The greatest question that he had was which church he should be baptized in. He had been pushed too much by missionaries in the past, but we tried to put him in the right direction. It is so great to see people that accept what you teach.
On Friday we went and saw this less-active named Greg. He was baptized about 5 years ago in the Bridge of Don ward, but stopped going after about year. He is a very smart man who is studying philosophy and has now gone atheist, but the amazing things was in the last two visits, I was thinking that this guy was a goner, but somehow at the end of the lesson, he would amaze us. The previous visit he said that each time that he prayed, God never let him down. He may now have answered in the way that he would have wanted, but his prayers were heard and answered. Then in the last visit, he self-committed himself to start reading his scriptures and praying each day. I would have never have thought that he would have said those things. It truly was the Spirit that invited him to do those things. On Saturday we had a great day as were taught this guy named Jamie who is going to Uni. He was really excited to read from the Book of Mormon. Then we went to Stonehaven to help out this member family. They have been trying to get their home nice and pretty to sell and we helped them in the back yard to build a deck. Mostly though we had to transfer dirt from one place to another and put in some posts before we had to leave. We then saw a guy named Brian. And that's probably where I am going end because I don't have much time left.
To answer some question from you email, a tour of London would be brilliant. I would like to a city such as London. From Edinburgh to Aberdeen it takes about 2.5 hours. It would probably be about 2 hours to Ayr. Yes I would like a kilt. Ireland first would be fine. Thanks for all that you do.

Elder Buxton

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