Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Day of Tax Season

Dear family,
It was good to hear from you. Thanks for you input about the kilt. I'll have to check with Brother King about if he can make it in one day. If not I'll see if it can be shipped home. If you could though check it out the place your friend referred you to as well. Then we'll see what will happen.
Brother Rae told me on Sunday that he had spoken to Sister Bourne. It is good that he said nice things about me here. So as you can see I am doing what I am supposed to. We were with Brother Rae teaching Elizabeth. There we set a new date for baptism with her for April 29. She was a bit hesitant, but then on Sunday she told one of the Elgin missionaries that taught her while she was there, "I'll see you on the 29th and I want you to baptize me." So now were are really excited for her. Brother Rae was actually a great help. 
Sunday was stake conference in Aberdeen. So members from the Elgin branch came down and it was very weird to see people from earlier in my mission. Thankfully I was able to remember their names. So stake conference was a lot of fun. Elizabeth and Jonathan came and enjoyed themselves. Later we had family home evening with them at Sister Hallmann's. It was good and Sister Hallmann and Elizabeth are becoming great friends. For the activity we played poker. They all thought I would be very good since I was from Las Vegas. I won one round, but that was it. I just wasn't given very good cards. 
During the week we went to Edinburgh for a district leader/zone leader council. It was very good. Elder Stephen Kerr of the seventy was there. He is the area seventy for Scotland and Ireland. It was good and he gave us all some good advice and things to work on. Then I went on exchanges with Elder Costley, one of the assistants, it went very well and we were able to teach a few people as well as help one less-active clean and wash his car. The funny thing is that they have jokingly developed this system called "PAP" points for potential assistant points. I scored 65 (he made that up). So we'll see what happens. Truthfully i don't care and would rather just stay here in Aberdeen. On Friday we had interviews with President and training. We had to give some training. It was somewhat of a long day. We finally left around 4. On Saturday we did a lot of finding. In the evening we spent our time tracting and it started snowing. We pressed on. Then it stopped snowing as we knocked on this one door. The man was interested and invited us back. It was an interesting turn of events. It just goes to show that the Lord know His Children.
I'm glad to hear that Chris Layton has his mission call to serve the Lord. 
I don't know if I told you, but Spring is on its way. All over Aberdeen there are flowers springing up. It is a wonderful sight to see. The trees are starting to bud as well which means that it will be getting more green. Nonetheless, it still has been quite cold and has snowed a few times, but never stuck to the ground. 
So Elizabeth is doing well and is hopefully to be baptized at the end of the month. We are also trying to help her son, Jonathan to read the Book of Mormon to help him out during his exams that he is studying for. We started teaching a man named Kali from Nepal. We had a short visit with him, but he is willing to learn. His English isn't that good. He goes to uni here in Aberdeen. We hope that he can understand the gospel and the Restoration in hopes that he can make the changes in his life to be baptized. 
Just remember to make a list of questions you want answered on Mother's Day. Thank you for all that you do.

Elder Buxton

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