Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Week

Dear Family,
I am doing well . I had a good birthday. On Tuesday we went down to Edinburgh for a zone leader council which was really good. Fortunately I was able to get my package from you. I really enjoyed the things that you sent. Most of the rolls arrived okay. Some had some mold on them. For the most part I took those parts off and put them in the freezer. I enjoyed all that cards that were sent as well. Hopefully for Matt's birthday, I'll remember to send one on time. For my birthday, Elder Freckleton made me a cake that we ate that night. During the day, we went out to a place called Banchory to do a little work out there. Then we got a chippie in town and went out to one of the castles nearby and ate it there. It was nice.
As far as our investigators go. Endurance wasn't baptized on Sunday because his wife and daughter just came from Nigeria to live with him here. For some reason, he hadn't told her about being baptized and she wanted to know a bit more of what he was getting himself into. So the hope now is that we can teach her and they can all get baptized at once. This should help him out a lot especially if she can get a job to help support him while he is getting his master's degree. So really it is a great blessing to have them here (in fact, her name is Blessing). Das came to church as well. He is doing well. We had a lesson with him during gospel principle because he was the only investigator in the class. It was really good because his friend, Anupum (a recent convert), bore some powerful testimony of how he came to believe in Jesus Christ. It was full of the Spirit in that room and I think will really prepare him to be baptized soon. Another miracle that we had was at church. On Saturday, we popped by this part member family. We arranged to help them out with some service and as we left we asked them if they would come to church. She said that she wouldn't. Well Church came the next and to our surprise, she was there along with her nonmember husband who has never been to church before. It was great to see them there. Other things that happened this week were that we went a visited this less-active man named Greg. We met with him once before and thought that he would not only never come back to church, but believe in God again. We continued to think this half way through our lesson. He said that it would be impossible for him to him to have faith again. However, at the end of the lesson, after him bearing testimony that when he did pray, God never let him down, he said that he could work some of his concerns out in his mind. For me this means that he has changed his own opinion from impossible to possible. It was great to see that and I know that it is only the Spirit that started to change this in him.
On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Davidson in the other area in Aberdeen. During that time, we had some good experiences. The best that was we taught the husband of a member who is investigating the church now. The thing was that his wife got ill and the Relief Society stepped in and helped out a lot. This touched him a lot and he came to church two weeks ago and agreed to meet with the missionaries and learn about the church. He came again this past Sunday. He has such a sincere desire to learn and knows that over time that he can learn all that he needs to. Hopefully he can be baptized at the end of the month.
As far as the trip in concerned. I think that you should rent a car because public transport for 3 people would cost much more than renting a car and paying petrol. As far as accommodations, if President Griffiths says that we should not bother members, then we should follow that. The classes that I would like look good. Have Michelle sign up for them since she has a lot of practice.
We have heard as well that Alan Henry Brown is to be the next mission president. Many of the ward members including our ward mission leader were down at the temple, this past weekend. He met him in the temple while he was there. He spoke highly of us to him. When he told this, I said, "He'll never be our mission president." Then he remembered that we go home in June. Nonetheless, it was very good of him to speak to highly of us.
Thanks for all that you do. It seems like to you are having a lot of fun especially fulfilling your missionary responsibilities.

Elder Buxton

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