Sunday, April 1, 2012

End of March

Dear Family,
How are you all doing? I am doing really well. The past few days serving with Elder Heidler have been very enjoyable. He is from Leipzig. He has been out for about 14 months. Hopefully I can serve with him until the end of my mission. The most wonderful experience that we had was that on Friday night we had nothing to do so we were trying by people in the area book. We went to this one area, parked the car, and started walking to this person's home. We were stopping everyone that we could. Nobody was interested until we stopped this one man. He wanted to know about Christ's restored Church. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was excited to meet with us. We were able to meet with him on Sunday afternoon. We had a really good lesson teaching the Restoration. He loved it and wants to pray and find out that the Book of Mormon is true and that somebody on the earth has God's authority. Nobody I have ever taught has been seeking for the church with God's authority. We are excited to prepare him to be baptized. Hopefully it will be at the end of this month. Elizabeth is doing quite well. We had a tour of the Church with her and she really liked that. She came to church on Sunday, but had to leave early to head to Keith to finish cleaning out her home. She is really looking forward to being baptized. She reads so much of the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and Church manuals. She loves to learn and follow Christ. Das is also doing well. He came to Church as well and loves what he learns. We had another man at church named Victor. We last taught him about a month ago. He was really looking forward to reading from the Book of Mormon and has done so. He came and enjoyed himself and wants to keep coming. The amazing thing was that he worked a night shift, went home, got ready, and came to Church with us. Elder Freckleton and I were able to see Blessing and Endurance before he left. Blessing really liked Church especially Relief Society. Unfortunately they didn't come to church.
The members are taking good care of us and are feeding us quite well.
I hope everything goes well for you in your holiday to Utah.
I am really looking forward to general conference this next weekend. I hope that it will be as good as the last one.
Today we had a meeting with the zone about sacrifice that went really well. Then we went to the beech to have some fun and a BBQ. It was a lot of fun to play around and get to know each other.
I hope that everything goes well at home especially Dad as he endures through another tax season.

Elder Buxton

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