Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter Week

Dear family,
I am doing well here. Easter was good. We didn't really do much, but some of the members gave us some Easter eggs. Here an Easter egg is usually this big chocolate egg made of good chocolate. Hopefully I don't eat them too fast. Thanks for doing all that you do for me to come to transition home easily. About the kilt. Brother King told me that the place he gets the tartans from is out of the one that I want and won't be able to finish any more until June 11. So we can either get a different McMillan tartan or I can talk to him to see if he did get some on June 11, how long it would take him to finish it.
As far as our investigators go. Elizabeth is doing fine. She felt a bit rushed into baptism, so it is postponed for the moment. Hopefully it can be later on this month. She came to church an enjoyed talking to this member, Sister Hallmann. They seem to get on well with each other and are already making plans to see each other during the week. So that is good there. Endurance came to church this week as well. He is getting stressed with all of the work that he has to do for his course. Hopefully we he gets to his holiday, we can see him more and prepare him to be baptized again. Last week I told you about this guy named Chad. He was doing very well and we were really excited to teach him more and more, but then we lost contact and he says that he doesn't want to become a Mormon just now. He says that we can meet up during the week to discuss this so hopefully we can resolve concerns. On Saturday we met with a man named Bill. He has a young family. We only taught him about the Restoration. He doesn't have much faith at the moment and is looking to see how he can increase it. Hopefully we can meet with him again this next weekend. 
I hope that you enjoyed your holiday to Utah. The weather seemed like it was here. It was nice a couple of weeks ago and we were working without our jackets, but then it slammed down to being cold and wet again. Today though it seems quite nice. Tomorrow we going to Edinburgh for a district leader and zone leader council. I hope that this can help our zone. In the Bridge of Don ward there was a young man baptized from China. I was able to interview him. He is really prepared and knows the doctrine really well. The funny thing is that he gives the missionaries that taught him a lift to church. He also wants to go and teach other Chinese people with the missionaries. I love you all and have a good week.

Elder Buxton

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