Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nearly the End of April

Dear family,
I am doing well here in Aberdeen. Just for your information. Next week is moves week so have all mail sent to the mission home just in case. Also I learned this morning that Bro King phoned and said that the material will come in 1 week earlier so this means that we can get the kilt now. He probably had a few words with the suppliers so that he can keep this sale. On Monday I received a call from the Keiths, the YSA senior couple here and they said that they had a surprise for me. I thought it would just be something for our flat because they did this earlier. They came to our flat that night and dropped off the package. I was really shocked to hear that Sister Layton had brought it all the way from Las Vegas and that there was someone that I knew all the way over here. You're probably aware that visits from friends and family while I am here are against church policy and up till then I thought I would never have a problem with it because all friends and family were thousands of miles away. So thank you for sending me those treats. They have good so far. About the time will be in Aberdeen. 

As far as the work goes. We are teaching more lessons than in the past few weeks. Elder L. Tom Perry promised that if we teach 20 lessons a week that we can double our baptisms and reactiviations. So this week we tried really hard to teach 20 lessons and we did. Elizabeth is doing alright. She feels rushed into baptism and did not come to church yesterday. Hopefully we can help her resolve them, but we are quite certain that she won't be baptized next week. We started teaching a new lady that we are excited about named Edna. She is really good and came to church and loved it. Bro Sullivan who we brought along the first time has a good feeling about her. We hope that she can be baptized in the middle of next month. She is a sweet lady who lives much of the gospel already and has a strong belief in Jesus Christ and is ready to learn and live the gospel. We also started teaching a man named James from Nigeria. He is interested, but I don't really know how much effort he is really going to put into this. It was a fun lesson that we had with him and I hope that he just reads from the Book of Mormon. On Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Little who is in Aberdeen 2. As we were walking through the city centre on our way to the Library to type some things up, we took a wrong turn and when we realized that, we turned around and started walking back up the street we just came down. Elder Little then stopped a man who stopped and talked. We spoke about the Book of Mormon and how modern prophets can give us guidance today for our lives. He was quite interested and we asked when we could come and see him. He then invited us over to his flat right then and there so we went with him. It was a good lesson and this man, Collin, wants to gain trust and belief in God again. It was marvelous to see how the Lord carries your feet to those that are prepared to receive you. 

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Parsons in Inverness and it was wierd to be in an area from early on in my mission. The pictures are of when we went running on Wednesay morning. I wanted to say that I went running in the highlands, so now I can. 

The funny thing about the card that I sent Matt was that I went to the card section at ASDA and picked the first funny one that I found because we didn't have much time. I suppose that I just have a knack for finding funny cards. I heard that Matt is staying south of campus as well. How close will we be to each other?

Well I hope that everything is going well.

Elder Buxton

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