Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Week and Moving

Dear Family,
We are doing well here. I really enjoyed conference and it was very good to hear some uplifting remarks from our Church Leaders. My favorite talk was given by Elder Hallstrom on being active in the gospel. Many of us can be active at church and inactive in the gospel so he says. Many times in the church we track progress by using numbers, but the most important element of conversion cannot be measured by numbers or statistics. It is something personal and that is why D&C 20:37 speaks of qualities that those about to be baptized (and might I add those that want to maintain their covenants) should have. I am also really glad for general conference because it is a real way that everyone especially investigators can see first hand that this is "the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth," by seeing the prophet and apostles speak.
Also this week we moved flats my new address is:

64 Roslin Place
Aberdeen AB24 5BL

It was quite tiring and I am glad that we are moved now to our new flat. It is bigger and nicer. It took us just about all day Friday to get us moved to our new flat. Thankfully our old landlord helped us move. It was quite a hassle and really a miracle that we got our keys. You see for some reason they needed a signature from someone in Germany from the Church offices there. Thankfully the man was there Friday morning so that he could sign the lease and fax it back to the letting agency. According to Sister Graham in the office, this has been the only time that this has had to happen. Normally they are just fine having a senior couple sign the lease and that's that. No matter though because I am glad that it is all done and we can now focus on doing missionary work. I have never realized how tiring cleaning, packing, and moving can be. Hopefully the last time I have to move as a missionary is when I go home.
Yesterday I spoke to Mike King at General Conference and he said to go into his shop today so I did and I order a kilt. It will be about £330. That is the best deal that he could give me which I took. The tartan is the McMillan Old Modern Black. There is a picture of me holding the tartan that you can look at. I like it and look forward to wearing it when it comes.
As far as our investigators go. Elizabeth is doing well and is looking forward to being baptized this Sunday. She is so special and really wants to come into the church. She is also so willing to act on what we say. We are getting to know her quite well. Later today we are playing basketball with her son, Jonathan at the church. It should be fun, but I'll have to see how rusty I am. Das is doing well, but he had some bad news this week as his wife's visa was denied so he'll have to get some things sorted out before he can re-apply. This means that we are going to put his baptism off until we can set a new date with him. Endurance is very stressed at the moment, but can to the priesthood session. He liked to hear the prophet. We don't know when he'll be baptized, but he is thinking about it. We met with a man named Olu again. He is doing well, but didn't come to conference as he said he would. We plan on teaching him more, but we are unsure if he is willing to break away from his Church.
Last night we had an appointment with a man, but he wasn't there. So while we were in the area we decided to go and knock on some flats. We didn't have much success, so Elder Heidler asked me if we should go knock some houses, but I didn't feel right about it. I was looking around and looked at a street and felt that we should start tracting it. So we did and on the second house we spoke to a young man in his 20s who let us in. His name is Chad and he knows some members of the Church and looks  up to them. Once he spent some time visiting some friends of his in Utah and they told him a bit about the church. So he is interested in reading about the Book of Mormon. It really is amazing how the Spirit works and inspires us to find the elect of God.
Thanks for signing me up for classes. I am not sure what my major will be. It is something that I have thought about, but plan on deciding when I get home. I am leaning towards civil engineering. So I think that many of the classes that I need to take this next semester should be about the same. You can look and check. The most important thing is that I get into the math class for engineers which it seems you got me into. Thanks again for doing that. As far as staying in Aberdeen goes, I don't really know. There is a Marriott and other hotels. There are a lot of Bed and Breakfasts. It all doesn't really matter to me.
I love you all.
Oh and if you could send me a list of questions that you wont' answered on Mother's Day I'll be sure to do that.

Elder Buxton

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