Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Week

Dear Family,
I am doing well here in Aberdeen. Things are picking up and we are looking forward to this week because we have some good appointments. As far as things go. Endurance is looking forward to being baptized on March 11 instead. We felt that he needed to have more time to prepare. He is doing well. He believes in the Book of Mormon and so far is living all of the commandments. Sometimes though he is really stressed out between school and work. I could never live the schedule that he does. I hope that he can manage it and that he will continue to come to church even when he is baptized. Das came to church as well. We went over to his home after church and he is so nice. He made us some food and feels that he is getting more intelligent. His member friend that he lives with says that he will be baptized in the coming months. We also had another man named Vikas that came. He is from India as well and is the friend of Brother Anupum (Das's friend). We were having some good success with this man named Sumukh. His desire was growing and he was reading and praying. However on Sunday morning when we were going to pick him up for church, he told us that he spoke with his parents and they aren't too keen on him going to church. That was a bummer, but I hope that he gets in contact with us soon. We still teach Frances. She is getting better and says that she believes in the Church about 90%. So what our joint teach, Brother Ware, suggested is that she lives like a member for one week and sees how she feels. We are hoping that by living the commandments and principles of the gospel that she can gain a testimony of them.
On Thursday I went to zone conference in Dundee. It was pretty good as they discussed member lessons and studying effectively. It was good and I learned a lot. On Tuesday we drove all the way to Inverness to go on exchanges with the missionaries there. I then drove all the way back to Aberdeen. We stayed to together until Thursday at zone conference. The reason we did it with them is because we have been asked to go on exchanges with new missionaries and there is a bright green one there.
On Friday we helped a less-active move. She was at work, but we helped out her nonmember husband move not too far away. We built some good trust there. Now we hope that we can start teaching her and her husband a bit more. Also we popped by a former investigator family and they told us that they thought that there was a ghost in their home. So after some discussion, we said a prayer . We hope that this will spark their belief that there is a God as they aren't sure just now.
On Saturday we had a wonderful experience. We were in this area and some time before going back to the flat for dinner. So saw this group of houses and thought they felt good to tract. So we were tracting these flats. Things were going alright. We gave out a copy of the Book of Mormon, but when were were in the last group of flats, we knocked on this door. An Indian lady answered and let us straight in. We taught her and her family including her husband who came in just a few minutes after us. They accepted the Restoration and a few copies of the Book of Mormon. They said that they were struggling and were having some problems within their family. Many times we testified of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can be forgiven of our sins. It was great and we hope that they can come to church this next week. It would be so great to have a new family at the church. The parents are named Rama and Christina, and their children are Isaiah, Kikita, and Nitu. They are a lovely family and have a strong faith in Christ. I think that they next time that we see them that we will speak about how the gospel can strengthen our families.
I haven't heard anything from President Griffiths about an endorsement. Check and see. I don't really know what I have to do with that.
Brother Thompson isn't that hard to understand. He gave a talk at sacrament meeting yesterday on marriage and how the concept and acceptance has changed since he has been alive. He told us of how some fisherman heard of one of their crew who wasn't being to faithful and they threatened him to either cut it out or they will throw him over the boat. Needless to say, he did. Brother Mundie, I am not sure if he still is the undertaker anymore. I think that he delivers parcels now with his son Don.
I hopefully I can get my package when I go to the mission home on Tuesday for exchanges with the assistants.
Also, remind me next week to send some email addresses that I have for some of the people here that I got from people in Belfast.
Thanks for all that you do.
Elder Buxton

P.S. So I have to tell you something really funny. If you read the big email, you'll learn that we were tracting some flats. During that time, we knocked on this guy's door. His name was Annita. And I don't mean to be prejudice in this, but he was really gay. He was wearing makeup and had this cloth wrapped around his head and his gestures were so femmy. He reminded me of that guy at Subway with the pink nail polish. I thought that you might enjoy that.

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