Monday, February 20, 2012

Baptism Week

Dear Family,
I am doing well. We are still really excited to see Eddie baptized on Tuesday night. It should be really good and I am so excited to see this son of God become a Son of Christ. At church yesterday he seemed so comfortable. Enough so that we left him alone and he was fine having some "yarn" with the other members. He is so excited to be baptized and has really shown immense effort as he has quit smoking and stayed off as well. Many times he has been tempted, but overcomes it. He is such an example to me in how the gospel can changed people's lives when they feel the Spirit, and have baptism and the celestial kingdom as their goals. On Thursday, he passed his interview. We were really worried when we came in because we could see smoke and noticed a couple of mugs of coffee, but it turned out that those came from some friends that saw him earlier. The zone leader, Elder Thomas, who interviewed him even smelt his breath, and he was clean. It was a great relief and I am glad that this his finally his time. Sid also came to church amazingly. It was a great feat for him to go. On Saturday we were teaching him about the importance of church attendance from Moroni 6:4-6, 9. At first he was reluctant to go, but after reading these scriptures, he was determined that he needed to go. He even pulled out his "glad rags," his suit as he called them, to wear to church. Then that night he was feeling very ill and had a legitimate excuse not to go, but he said to himself that he needed to go. So he did and he enjoyed himself and was quite fellowshipped by the ward, especially those from his neighborhood who knew him as he was growing up. This week were also able to teach a lady named Carmina. He is Cuban/Irish, and her husband is from Fiji (he is in the military and away in the middle east right now). She is really good and already lives many gospel principles. She is planning on coming to the baptism as well. On Friday we went to do some service again at Tools for Soliditary. This time we were taught how to make the wood boxes that they pack the tools in the ship to the places they want. It was quite easy especially since we used a nail gun. I liked doing it and it was relieving and soothing at the same time. On Tuesday we had a zone conference in Dublin. It was really good as they spoke about family history and how we need to teach our recent converts and less actives about it because it can really solidify them in the gospel after their baptism. It gives them another goal to work towards-the temple-and if they take their own names, it becomes more personal. They also spoke about improving our teaching skills so that we can teach by the Spirit more powerfully. President Griffiths echoed over and over again how we need to simplify, clarify, testify, and verify.
I would be more than happy to be Matt Doxey's roommate next year. I also help him in his class selections as well. For my birthday I would like some more butterfingers as well as a few homemade or costco rolls.
My companion is doing very well. He knows the area quite well now. I am really starting to let him take more control in planning and teaching-especially in starting out in every lesson. I have gotten on with all of my companions. Never have I lost my temper and I can say that I am friends with most of them. I love you all and hope that I have great news to to tell you next week.
Elder Buxton

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