Monday, February 20, 2012

New Child On Record

Dear Family,

How are you doing? I am pleased to announce that Eddie was baptized Tuesday night and is now a new child of our Heavenly Father on the Church's records. It was a wonderful service. He was so happy to be there. Seven family members of his came as well including two daughters and one of their partners. During the service, Elder James spoke as well as Brother Valliday. We had our investigator Sid there as well. He enjoyed it, but the funny thing was that he popped out to have a smoke. Then as we were walking to the Relief Society room where the baptismal font, Elder James ran out to get him. They then ran to the room and as they were about to get in, they heard a splash. So Elder James never saw his first baptism and neither did Sid. He still felt the Spirit though. Nonetheless, Eddie is doing very well and he was confirmed on Sunday. You can really see him glowing now and I just know that the living gospel and receiving the Holy Ghost can really make us radiate to those around us. His children have seen such a change in him as well and we hope that he can a great example to them and want to learn more as well.

On Monday night we had a cottage evening at the Haddocks that went really well and there were many members, less-actives, and also Eddie. He is really comfortable and has made some great friends with members of the ward. On Tuesday we started teaching this man named Flanaga. He walked into church a couple of weeks ago and wanted to meet with us. So we did this week. He is good and wants to learn more about the church. He has some interesting views, but we hope that as we can continue to meet with him that he'll find the joy in living the gospel. We continue to see Sid. He is alright, but was really touched as we finished teaching the Plan of Salvation. It really hit home to him as we promised that he can be with his son again. We also started teaching a member referral of a soon to be missionary's girlfriend. Her name is Nicole. She is really shy and we hope that as we continue to meet with her that she'll open up and understand what we teach. She is facing a bit of family opposition so keep her in your prayers.

On Thursday, we had interviews with President Griffiths. At first, he forgot to pencil us in for a time, but eventually did. The problem was that it was late Wednesday night. Fortunately we were able to re-arranged our schedule and we were also blessed to have the senior couple over YSA, the Blickenstaffs, do a flat inspection (in one minute--fastest one that I have ever had), take us to the stake centre, and then to a dinner appointment in Glengormley. They are so nice to do that for us. That was a real answer to prayer.

I had a faith building tender mercy happen on Wednesday. We had to walk down the Ballysillan Road to the Antrim Road to catch a bus and we were running a bit late to catch the bus that we needed. I was praying that it would be late. As we got onto the Antrim Road, we saw that bus coming up the road and stop at the street light. We then ran to the next bus stop and were able to get on the bus that we needed. It turned out that the bus was about 7-10 minutes late, but we were just in time so that we could get up the road to our appointment.

On Sunday night, we were able to see the 100th year anniversary of Seminary. I thought it was really good and many of the things that I have learned there have directly or indirectly helped me on my mission.

The winter here is fine. It hasn't rained that much and we have been quite busy and inside during the bulk of bad weather. Lastly, we learned today that we are moving flats, but moves are soon so we shall see what happens there. Please send all mail to the mission home until further notice. The flat that we are getting is to be a lot nicer than the one that we have. Originally it was for Cavehill South, but I don't think that there will be 4 missionaries in Cavehill next moves. Thank you for all that you do.


Elder Buxton

P.S. many of the pictures that I have sent are of a place called the Shankill which is a very protestant area much affected by the troubles.

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