Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day

Dear Family,
How are you doing? We are doing well. I am working on getting familiar with the area. I like it so far and we are working hard. Aberdeen is a nice city. Most of the building are made of granite and the architecture is really nice. In fact some of the houses look like castles. I wanted to take a picture of one yesterday, but my camera died. So the reason that we are emailing today is because yesterday we had a zone development meeting and activity plus we heard that it was a bank holiday and that the library would be closed. So we didn't email yesterday as you can see. Yesterday we spoke about the Book of Mormon and asked everyone to read a talk given by President Benson on "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon." So we as a zone set a goal that in the next month that we would give out 360 copies. Yesterday, Elder Freckleton gave out 4 and we hope to give out 7 today. We are really excited about this and hope that it will fulfill President Benson's and also the Lord's vision to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon (see Moses 7:62).
So the way that I got to Aberdeen was quite simple as Elder Duran and I drove to the ferry, and then drove off the ferry to Edinburgh. There I waited for others going to Aberdeen and we went on our way to there. It went by quickly and I arrived safely.
We had some good experiences this week. The first appointment that I went to, was a recent convert called Brother Anupum from India. He is a good member and he has a friend staying with him from India named Das. He is interested in learning about the gospel and came to church on Sunday with Brother Anupum. Brother Anupum says that he is in the same state that he was when he first started investigating. So we are very excited to teach him. We also met another Indian man on the street named Sumukh. He is studying at the university here. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and he read it. When we asked him about it, he felt poor and we learned that he meant poor in spirit. He really wants to know if God is there. We continue to teach this investigator named Endurance. He is from Nigeria. He went to our church there and wants to be baptized. He is very busy so it is hard to meet with him, but we hope that he can be baptized at the end of this month. We also taught another man named Kingsly from Nigeria. He believed the Restoration for the most part. Unfortunately he will be off shore for 3 weeks on an oil rig.
Here we do have a car, but at the moment it is in the shop getting fixed, but we hope that it can be fixed soon.
My address is:
52D Charlotte Street
Aberdeen AB25 1LT
The only people that I have told that I know Sister Bourne is a member named Adam Ware. Hopefully soon I can speak to the Patriarch who is in the ward along with a few other people that you have mentioned. Brother Ware is the ward mission leader and has been the Las Vegas before and might have gone to church in our building before.
Patrick Noonan is someone that I would like to visit when you come. He is a good man.
I really hope that Matt Doxey changes his mind because it would be so fun to room with him again, but if I am to be there without him, that's okay.
Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Singles Awareness Day if you are me
Elder Buxton


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