Monday, February 20, 2012

Away off Again

Dear Family,
This morning we got a call from the office and learned things contrary to what we thought might happen. It turns out that we won't be moving to a new flat. There will be another team in the Cavehill Ward and they will live in the new flat. I took some pictures, but it is a bummer that I won't be living there. They are also putting missionaries in the Newtownabbey Ward as well. So now the district went from 1 team to 3. As for me though, I have been transferred to Aberdeen to be a zone leader there with Elder Frekleton. He is from my MTC group. In fact, we were roommates. He is from Texas and he is also the first missionary that is over a year when I started serving with them. I look forward to serving back in Scotland. My prediction is that is where I'll end my mission. I am really looking forward to it. As far as i know, the Aberdeen Ward is very nice and the Stake Presidency is really pushing missionary work. I'll be moving on Wednesday. The funny thing is that this will be the first time that I will take the ferry across the Scotland. I have taken it from Scotland 3 times. Now am i right in saying this that William Shepard Baxter organized the Aberdeen Branch? Well I am looking forward to it and hopefully can meet Sister Bourne's family and friends who still live there.
As far as our week went, it was quite good. What we have really been focusing on is having the members and even some less-actives develop a list of people they want to share the gospel with and then pray over the list. We are nearly done with those that we wanted to do it with. I feel that this is a much better way of working with the members because now we can plan lessons around helping them invite these people to be taught or come to church or an activity or read a pamphlet or the Book of Mormon. Our investigators are doing well. Flanaga came to church and really enjoyed it. He said the people were a lot more friendly and that he wants to bring his daughter along next week. He also read the Restoration pamphlet and there isn't anything in there that he doesn't agree with. Sid we have developed a plan to get him off the drink. On Saturday we went on splits and Elder James taught him the restoration and he has learned a lot and is beginning to understand, but the really kicker will be if he can get off the drink. While he did that, Thomas was in town, so I taught him about the Book of Mormon. He will be in Belfast more permanently in March which will really be the opportunity to focus on these things. Eddie is doing well and is looking forward to serving within the church.
On Tuesday I went to Dublin for a leadership meeting. Elder James stayed in Belfast. They spoke a lot about increasing our faith, the Address Unknown File program (the church is researching lost sheep and then we go by to see if it actually them). On Friday we were in a area called the Falls. We were supposed to see a family from South Africa called the Ngoqos, but they thought it was on Saturday. Thankfully we had to time to go over there at that time. Later we had an egg thrown at us, but it went over our heads. Needless to say, it's a dodgy place. However the next day we went over there and did some tracting and found some people that were interested. Then we went to see the Ngoqos. They fed us some umngqusho which is white corn and beans. It's like their "rice" or staple food. It was good and now I can speak to Matt Doxey about it. I am sure that he is fed it all the time. Yesterday I got the chills and a fever. So I am a bit under the weather, but I am fine for now and should be okay to travel over to Scotland.
Hopefully i can send you info about my passport on Wednesday. I might also speak to President Griffiths on Wednesday when i am at the mission home about BYU. I really hope that you can find a house for me. Lastly i would love to work for Brother Newson when I get home. Also, I should make a modified list of people that I know are on Facebook. This much I do know is that Patrick Noonan and Siobhan McLaughlin should be there as well as some members. I will do what i can.
Thank you for all that you do and speak to you soon.
Elder Buxton
P.S. Elder James's new companion is Elder Musgrove. I have never met him. That is all.

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