Monday, August 2, 2010

The Week in Review

Dear Family,

I appreciate all the support you do for me. I'm glad that everything went smoothly for Corey's funeral. I have appreciated all the support that the ward members (here and there), companions, other Elders, and the mission president have given me. I'm looking forward to learning more and I would just like everyone to know that everything is going well here and I'm making it through. I really liked how the inside of Corey's casket was blue. I'm sure that he really enjoys that. I know that this has been tough for us all, but look to the Lord and the plan of salvation (or happiness for that is what it really is). I know that is the plan for us and as long as we are true to the gospel and the covenants we have made, we can live him again in our Heavenly Father's presence.

So how are we related to Casey Ross? That's an interesting coincidence. By the way, my package hasn't come yet because it was sent to the mission home and they can't forward on packages just because it would be too expensive. However, Elder Baumann is going to Edinburgh this week for a 3 day training meeting and will pick up my package and bring it home to me. So for future reference, please send packages to my flat address which is:

16 Shawfarm Gardens
Prestwick KA9 2GZ
United Kingdom

That way I don't have to wait for the next missionary meeting to get packages and such.You can use this address to mail me too so that letters come faster. Just don't send any August 10 until August 18th when i'll give you my new address if i'm transferred even though I probably won't be. I would suggest though that you make this known to friends and such because if i'm transferred and a letter comes, there's a good chance that i will never get it. anyways, i still enjoy all the letters i receive.Funny story though. I sent Elder Sam Peteresen a letter not to long back and since he serves in Gautemala you have to send it pouch and I didn't know that you have you send it on a piece of paper that you folded in thirds and tapped the ends in order for them to send it, so i was returned to me and I'll have to write him again.

On Tuesday I went to Stranraer, about an hour and a half south of Ayr to go on exchanges with Elder Bland (he's from England and has been out for almost 6 months). It was so beautiful and was what I really imagined Scotland to look like. If you come that would be a place to visit. We had a good time there and for dinner we had a kebab pizza and a deep fried Mars bar. Both of which were really good. On wednesday i had indian food for the firist time which was quite good. The Sharkys took us out to eat there. They're the ward mission leaders and also want to cook our pork chop recipe which i can hopefully give them at the end of this week. On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Madsen from Lehi, Utah. We had a good day and taught a lady that look really good right now and will hopefully we baptized. That reminds me. This week, Elder Baumann will be in Edinburgh from Wednesday to Friday for training. While he's there I will be on a 3 day exchange with Elder Madsen in his area. It's going to be fun although his flat isn't the best. Elder Shenton who normally is his companion will go on exchanges with Elder Cloward in Stranraer while his companion Elder Bland goes to Edinburgh as well. Also another funny thing, Elder Cloward is from Sandy, UT and is a good friend of Ryan Egbert and went to his farewell and open house afterwards. Weird that I was at something with someone i would eventually meet on my mission.

On Sunday President Giffiths came to interview Patrick for baptism since he had been to prison before even though everything has been sorted out now. Anyways he passed and President said that he had never seen an investigator's Book of Mormon look like his meaning that he had never seen it so used. Patrick is well prepared and will be married on Saturday and then baptized on Sunday (plans changed so that the original Elder who taught him can baptized him since he came back to Scotland with his family to do it). No matter though, he's being baptized. I wish you all well and hope that you continue to support the missionaries. I would suggest that you ask them if you can go with them to lessons. It's always great to teach a lesson with a member there. Also be looking for missionary opportunities. Be prayerful in all that you do and read your scriptures.

Best Wishes and much love,

Elder Buxton

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