Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Email

Dear Family,

I would just like all of you to know that I'm doing alright and coping with this loss well. I appreciate your support as I continue my mission for I believe that I can cope with it better here. I know that you are all distraught as I was, but after talking to you all on the phone, President Giffiths asked if I wanted and blessing and I agreed and asked my companion to say it. Afterwards, the beatitude, "Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted," came to mind and I felt the Holy Ghost very strongly and was able to feel its comfort. We went from my Bishop's home to Patrick's where he fed us Haggis, which was actually very good. Then we read from Jesus The Christ Chapter 16 about the first twelve apostles and committed him to follow the counsel of church leaders. Then we did some wallpapering for a lady in the ward who was receiving her endowments at the temple. We're not entirely done with it, so will come back on Thursday. That night, my Bishop invited my companion and I to stay the night at his house. I know this is against mission rules, but President Giffiths allowed it. So that's where we stayed the night and it was great to feel the love of the Bishop and his family.

I would like to share just one other experience. On Thursday, I went on exchanges with the Zone Leader, Elder Covey, up in Irvine. We first went to a lunch appointment at a recent converts and then afterwards visited a less-active lady and her daughter. Then we went finding and passed out a lot of cards and found two new investigators. One, a mother as she was coming out of her house, and another man walking his dog. He seemed quite interested and we gave him a Book of Mormon. Later, we met with the ward mission leader and went on "Reach out" where we went on splits to visit less active members of the ward. Brother Hacket and I visited a bed-ridden man in a retirement home that was really glad to have some company and only asked that we give him the sacrament on Sunday. Then we went to the this lady that just had a hip replacement and the other thing stopping her from coming to church is her mobility and she is really anxious to build up enough strength to go to church. She asked for the sacrament as well. Then we came back and waited for Elder Covey and the ward mission leader. As they were waiting for us, they decided to go and see some neighbors and they were interested in the church as well. Then Elder Covey recieved a phone call in which a ward member and found a family that was interested as well. In all we found nine new investigators that day. It was a day of miracles.

I love you all and hope that you will all be comforted as well. I know that the church will strengthen you all and just rely on the Lord

Best Wishes and much Love,

Elder Buxton

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  1. it makes me SO happy to hear that jeff is doing well!! thank you michelle for posting all of his emails! i love it. it think you are great and i hope you are doing well also!