Monday, July 12, 2010

First Actual Week in the Field

Dear Family,

The subject that i wrote for this letter home reminds me of a joke I heard. So a man was walking by and saw this man out in a field. He asked what he was doing out there. The man answered, "I need to be out standing in my field." Well I think that's how it went. No matter though. So this week has had its adventures. Yeah our flat is really nice and we have yet to cook a single dinner. The member feed us quite well. Sometimes they fed so well in lunch appointments that we're not hungry for dinner. So our flat is in prestwick. My address is 16 Shawfarm Gardens, but if you send a letter send it to the mission home since I don't know the postal code. There are two teams in Ayr. One covers the city of Ayr and the other (Elder Baumann and I) cover the outlying areas like Prestwick, Troon, Drongan, Coylton, and some others that i haven't been to yet. The county we live in is called Ayrshire, very original. It's great though. The ward i think has about 60 active members that come, although there were less yesterday since it's the summer. Elder Baumann is from the Frankfurt area and will be out 9 months on the 16th. That reminds me. Happy Birthday Mom! Have you gotten my postcard yet? In way of what i've done since Thursday. We've been meeting with the members. We were supposed to see the Bishop for dinner, but they're having renovations on the kitchen that weren't done yet. So we went over to this family that is great, the McLennans. They have been talking to this cross guard lady who seems really interested. They're planning on giving her a fruit basket today so we'll see how that goes. They also have another possible investigator named Allen. Although they haven't told us much about him. I don't know if you're aware of the world cup, but that day is when Germany lost to Spain and Elder Baumann was a little bummed with that. We're really glad though that it's over so more members can come out and teach with us and we can see more people since there's really nothing to watch anymore. On Friday we went with Sister Walker, an elderly lady who fed us lunch and then we taught her the restoration. Later we met with Patrick, the man who's getting married in August and then baptized a week later. He's the one with the calling and is rock solid. He's reading his scriptures and even Jesus The Christ. The reason it's been taking so long for him to be baptized is because he had been living with his partner and well you need to get married or separate and he didn't won't a lame wedding. So he's taking his time and is finally getting married next month. It's great. On Saturday we did a lot of finding. First we went street contacting in Prestwick, but no one really listened. We did however stop by this former investigator family that seemed really interested. The father is originally from Portugal, but from African descent and the wife is originally from Cape Verde in Africa and later moved to Portugal. We have an appointment with them tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. Then after lunch at Stobb's, we went to Coylton and went tracting in the rain. It was a good thing that i brought my umbrella. Thanks mom for making me take that. We got two new investigators thankfully. I forgot to mention that on Friday and Saturday night we met with Alison, a recent convert who's doing very well and was just called into the Young Women's Presidency. She's really funny and we like to stop by her at about 8 or 8:30 since people don't like it when you knock on their doors at that time. About Kyle that I may have mention in my last letter. He unfortunately is gone on holiday for the next 2 weeks and won't be able to come to church. I may have also mention about Brother Oprey who is bedridden in the hospital, but has been talking to nurses. One seems quite interested and he gave her our number and told us where she lives. He is so great. He comes out next monday and will be working with the Bishop to set up a way for a member to be with us like every day of the week. One Sunday we went to P.E.C. and church. Bishop Gilardi was alright to understand really as long as he was talking about the gospel. He's a great man that's really devoted to missionary work. Later we went to the Sharky's who i believe are the ward missionaries. They fed us Lasagna, garlic bread, and some potato wedges (the ones that you get at KFC). Then we had a meeting that they gave us some names of people to go by. During the meal though they asked me what my favorite food was and told them it was your pork chops and even how to make it. She said that she'll make it the next time. However, I couldn't really remember how long to cook it, so could you just send me the entire recipe so I can give it to her. In way of other stuff that I would like. Could you please send me the other stuff i said along with my other scriptures and any other recipes that are easy to make. Today though on this preparation day, we went to irvine for a zone activity of BBQ, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. It was really fun to meet other people in my zone along with some that were in my MTC group. Later we have family home evening at the church that Patrick usually comes to. Anyways, I hope Michelle's leg gets better and Mom has a fantastic birthday. If you get the chance though tell Chris Bender that I know 2 guys going to that mission. An Elder Martin and an Elder Merrel. Also how are my friends doing? Does Corey hang out with them at all? Another thing that I've been informed of is that you need to deactivate my Facebook account. It's a mission rule. Make sure though that you only deactivate it and not delete it. Also you and other family members should link your accounts with my blog so people can stay updated. Anyways, I love you all and hope you continue to do well. This week will be great and I'm learning a lot.


Elder Buxton

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