Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last Night in the MTC

Dear Family,
It's kinda of a miracle, but Sister Clegg allowed each of the missionaries to email home before they left for their missions. First off i would like to thank you guys for praying for me to find people. When they dropped us off in our area we said a prayer and then saw this guy walking down the road so we went and talked to him. he stopped and started talking to us. we talked a little about joseph smith and the Book of Mormon and he seemed very interested so we gave him one along with some pamphlets. He also gave us his information that we could pass on to the missionaries in that area. The next two hours or so we talked to people. I was supprised that if someone was home, they actually opened the door, even though they would usually say they weren't interested. Nonetheless, we gave out 2 more copies of the Book of Mormon. One to a teenage boy that we committed to read it while he ate lunch and the other guy had just come back from "holiday" and we committed him to read 3 Nephi 11. We didn't get their information which was a bummer, but we did get the info of another lady who her daughter refered. In conclusion, it was amazing to say the least. On sunday it was fast sunday of course and since all but one of the missionaries are american, we sang the national anthem and america the beautiful during choir practice along with God save the queen and jerusalem. the song jerusalem has an interesting story that i'll write about while on my 4-5 hour bus ride to edinburgh. we leave at 6 a.m. which mean we wake up at 5 a.m. no matter though, we finally get into the field. i forgot to mention though that the chefs made a bbq feast for us on sunday. on monday we had our last milestone or "test" you could say. basically we just teach a mock investigator. it was by far the best one yet. we taught with the spirit and resolved his concerns and committed him to be baptized (they spell it baptised here, wierd i know). We went to the temple for the last time today. it was really spiritual. it's a bummer that there's no temple in my mission. I hope to change that (read alma 26:22 i believe the scripture to be). Also another thing, is that you should never condition missionaries that in the missions they are going they might have little success. the Lord doesn't set us up to fail as long as we believe. in fact tell missionaries that if they believe they can baptize thousands. especially give this advice to Trey and Matt. By the way, have you heard news of any mission calls lately, especially Scott? Another thing i would like to point out is that it's karma that michelle is now limping since she called me dinosaur back in the day. So have a fun time healing dinosore! We we get off the bus finally we then climb Pratt's hill and i believe president girffiths will talk to us. you can read about pratt's hill from the letter my mission president wrote. Otherwise, it's been great in the MTC, i'm sad to leave, but excited to finally be in Scotland. My next goal is to learn the language. continue to pray for the missionaries and go to the temple often. I love you guys and have great times.
Elder Buxton

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