Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Second Week

Dear Family,
It's been going great here. I've reallly learned a lot and continue to learn to much. Next Wednesday I go wherever they send me meaning I leave the MTC for Scotland or Ireland. I'll know on Tuesday where I go. Today though we went on a church history tour to the Ribble River where Heber C. Kimball baptized the first saints in England. We also saw where President Hinckley stayed for his first area while he was on his mission in 1933. At this flat he wrote he father home and told him that he'd given up and was coming home and his father wrote back that he should forget himself and go back to work. We also went to this town owned by the local lord where they made the town look like it did in the 1800s which was cool to see how the houses looked like. I took a lot of pictures and will probably send that home soon or i'll download them when i have more time on p-days in the field. That reminds me. Can you send me my camera cord that is probably on or in my desk along with my floss dodad thing that i use sometimes. i think you can forget sending me gallon plastic bags. i just wanted those to put my soap in as i caried it to the bathroom. since i'm leaving soon anyways it's not big deal. I may or may not have thought of other things to send me, but maybe i'll remember, but don't worry about that. This week as well President Clegg changed the coat policy to summer meaning that we don't have to wear our suit coats anymore. What a relief that was. It can get pretty hot especially in classrooms that don't have AC. Yesterday it rained for like the second time and so for exercise they took us to a park to play soccer or basketball since the stake center is closed for renovations and they didn't want to make the gardeners mad and mess up the field. it was fun, but very slippery. we tend to always play soccer for exercise. i'm okay with that since i normally only play defense. On friday we went street contacting-something you can only do while in the England MTC and no where else and we go tracting this friday-it was tough to find people to listen to us. we had some good conversations with people and gave away a couple of pass along cards, but that was it. it didn't really help that we outside the train station in manchester and people we really rushing to get to places. I really hope that i get better at street contacting and talking to people. I would really like to guys to pray for me so i can get better at this. I should have asked this earlier, but how's everybody doing? How does Squirt (Corey) feel about getting braces? Can you do up layup yet Michelle? It must really be hard for you to learn since you don't such a great teacher there to show you how (namely me). Does Corey usually play with you? Who makes the jokes now that I'm gone? I also exhanged all of my money to pounds that i came with since american money does me no good. This might not be such a good idea if i go to ireland since they use euros there which means i might have to exchange again. another thing is that they use a lot of coins. the smallest bill is £5 which means that they have a £2 coin (£ mean pound) £1 pound coin, a 50 pent coin, a 20 pent coin, a 10 pent coin, a 5 pent coin, a 2 pent coin, and a 1 pent coin. Soon i'll need a coin bag to put all of this in, but i plan on using my debit card most of the time for mission-related stuff.
a cool insight i learned i got from a devotional that Elder Bednar gave that we watched. He was asked repeatedly how we discern between the Spirit and our own thoughts. Simply he said: don't worry about it. you be a good girl or boy and keep the commandments and your covenants and the Lord will lead your steps. This was great news to me and will be a great help as i get out into the field. Later one of the teachers added on and said that you should always act upont he promptings of the spirit and if you're not sure, do it anyways. It seems that you're all having quite a bit of fun as am i. I love you all and hope you appreciate all this great stuff i'm sending you. Hopefully better stuff will come as i get out into the field. I love you all.

With love,
Elder Buxton

This is Jeff and the rest of the missionaries in the Preston England MTC. See if you can find him!!!

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