Monday, July 19, 2010

One Month in the Field

Dear Family,

Things are going well. We're struggling to find new people to teach. We do at least an hour of finding each day. On Friday we were in this town called Cumnock tracting. We found this inactive lady that was baptized when she was 8, but sometime after that went inactive. She's originally from Whales and is now living in Scotland. We set up an appointment with her. We met another man that we scheduled for baptism and another appointment. Hopefully he keeps his appointments and commitments. If he finds what we teach is true, and quits smoking, then he can be baptized on August 7th. Patrick is still doing really well. We meet with him often and will soon teach him all of the lessons again. Unfortunately, his daughter was rushed to the hospital over the weekend. I don't know what the problem was, but it was very serious. He came to church anyways, but seemed really troubled. The Bishop announced in Priesthood that we are holding a fast for her which I am currently doing. Later on Sunday, two men went over and gave her a blessing. When they we're done, she quickly crawled under the partition to go and play with a new friend she had made. So as long as a he trusts in the Lord, he'll be fine. What a lesson each of us can learn. His fiance was there as well and witnessed the blessing, in the past she has not been interested at all, but she's cracking and this will help. Also while they were talking to her, she talked about the missionaries and mentioned only positive things. It would be great if she could be baptized on the same day as Patrick.

On Tuesday we had Zone development meeting in Irvine. We mainly talked about finding God's elect and really committed to preaching the gospel again including an hour of find each day. Later, Elder Baumann did a baptismal interview for two of the zone leader's investigators. They're Slovakian and a good family. They were baptized yesterday. Later we had a great lesson with Nelly and Lau, some former investigators that we picked up. We tried to get them interested and to get Lau a belief in God. Unfortunately they didn't keep any of their other appointments and we had to drop them. They seemed so promising, but I might not be their time. That night we attended the ward's auction to help raise money for the young men going to camp. On Wednesday we did some service at the Dicksons', an elderly couple that recently completed a mission at the temple in Preston. He wanted us to cut down this hedge in the back. We still need to go back and do that. Later we met with the McLennans' where we helped the father commit their children to invite someone to church or an activity within the next week. We'll follow up with that this week. They are a great family that will eventually let us teach a friend of theirs, Noreen. They are working really hard to talk to the gospel with her. It's amazing how they met her. Brother McLennan was constrained to go out and walk his dog and when he got out of his house, he met her and started talking to her especially on religion. This referral seems really promising. On Friday went over to Sister Walker's in Drongan. She really likes to feed us each week. The past two have been fish and chips. It was good, but we really need to go and get some good stuff from an actually chippie. On Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Shenton who's from Laichaster, England (I'm not sure how to spell it). We did a lot of finding, but didn't really have much success. We had an appointment with an investigator, although she didn't show up. We learned later that one of her tires were punctured and couldn't come. She did however come to church. Later while we were in the city waiting for a bus, some members from Brigham City, Utah came up and talked to us. They wanted a picture with us to show their friends I guess that there are missionaries in Scotland. They were in Ayr for the day since one of their ancestors was originally from there. What a coincidence. That evening we went over to a less-active member's for dinner. He ordered pizza which was alright. We were a little exhausted and any food would be great. We committed him to come to church and he came. That was good. Yesterday was church which was really uplifting. The stake president came and spoke in sacrament meeting. Bishop Gilardi brought some sweeties from his bakery to give out afterward in order to allow the members to mingle with the stake president. He was however busy with interviews. He's a great man though. He told me that there is actually a member of the stake presidency from Las Vegas. Hopefully I'll be able to meet with him. After church we met with the Sharkys' for coordination meeting and dinner. It was really good. She fed us some chicken Parmesan. Later with met with Bishop in his home and the Deweys', another good family.

I hope everything is going well at home. It seems everyone is doing great. It's great news that Matt found a job. The weather is pretty typical it either rains or it doesn't. The temperature ranges from 12-20 degrees celcius. I would recommend that you advise Matt Doxey to go out with missionaries is he's so bored. They always like it when members go out teaching with them. Also I need his address to mail him. could you also give me the addresses of Trey including his mission address and all of the mission addresses of those recently called. The ward is still great and I believe that normally 60 people come to church. I love you all and keep supporting the missionaries.


Elder Buxton

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