Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Day in the Field

Dear Family,
Well I made it to Scotland Safely. We took a coach to Edinburgh and when we got there, we unloaded our luggage and headed to Arthur's Seat also known as Pratt's Hill where we could pray and commit to be honorable missionaries and such things like that. Then we went back to meet with the mission president and get some training for certain rules and financial things. I had a short interview from the mission president. We had some enchiladas for lunch and then we had training. Afterwords, we got our passport, health card, and driver's license to have them copy to keep on file. Since we cover 3 countries in our mission we keep our passports if we transfer to a different country. Then we found out who are companions are. My companion is name Elder Bauman from Germany. He speaks English well, they teach them English in school. So he sorta sounds like President Uctdorf. Our area is in Ayr (pronounced "Air"). It's south of Glasgow on the coast. We have a large area which means we have a car. Unfortunately it's been having some problems with leaking oil. So after that, we took some pictures with the mission president and his wife, as companion in front of the McKay Stone, and lastly all together outside the mission home. Then the assistants took us to the train station where we took a train to Glasgow, got off and went to a different station and took a train to Kilmarnock. There we unboarded and walked to the bus station where we took a bus to companions' flat where Elder Bauman had parked the car earlier that day. So we got in the car and headed for our flat, but then two elders also in Ayr had some confusion as to when the next bus would come. They were at an investigator's home teaching and were trying to leave, but couldn't until almost nine.  One thought there would be a bus that came at 9 to be home by 9:30, but there wasn't. Actually there was a bus that came at 9:30 to get them back by 10. So we had to pick them up and hurry over to their flat and just barely there by 9:30 so we had to spend the night there. Thankfully they had some extra beds to sleep on, even though they weren't that comfortable. It's was really cold and thankfully mom had me pack my blanket to sleep with. Then in the morning we headed for our flat and those 2 missionaries had to come with us to take a shower since theirs was broken. So we've had an interesting adventure to far. Our flat though is really nice and roomy. It's new and we each have double beds. Our kitchen is good sized and the fridge is bigger than i expected. It's like they stacked two mini fridges on top of each other. So we didn't really have much time for studying. After study though we went to see if we could get the car fixed. however there wasn't anyone there that could so we have to bring it in on Saturday morning and hopefully it will be done by noon. Then we went back to the flat for weekly planning. we didn't have time to complete that since we had an appointment at 1 with a recent convert. we left early so he could take me to Stobb's, a local bakery chain that the Bishop owns and all the missionaries can eat at for free. In way of food, Elder Bauman says he doesn't cook many meals since the members feed us regularly or they go to Stubb's. Then we went to the church to eat and wait for the recent convert to come. While we waited we went to the library to use the computer to send the ward counsel our progress report. After that, we called the recent convert and he had forgot so we set up an appointment for tomorrow at the same time. Afterwards we came here. Later today we have an appointment with an investigator. He's 12 and progressing toward baptism even though he doesn't have a date. the mother is less active and doesn't want him pushed into baptism and wants to see some change in him before he can be baptised. We're trying to lead him along though. Then for dinner Bishop Gilardi (I think that's how you spell his name) is taking us out for dinner. He's originally Italian and moved here and learned English. Apparently he's sometimes difficult to understand especially over the phone. No matter though, he's really a great member missionary and really pushes the ward. We'll try to see some other people today like this member who's in the hospital. We're not intending to give him a blessing, but he's actually been handing out pamphlets to the nurses and one seems really interested so we'll meet with him and hopefully set up an appointment with the nurse. He seems like and awesome man. Hopefully I can help out here. One other thing, there's a man getting baptised in August, after he gets married. He actually already has a calling as the Activities chairman and sits at ward council and things like that. That's great news. Also we don't do much tracting or street contacting, but try to work through the members to find people that way. It's far more fruitful if we can, even though it can be hard sometimes. No matter we need to trust in the Lord and hopefully he can lead us to those people. I love you all and hope you have a great rest of the week.

Elder Buxton

P.S. we took the scenic way to Edinburgh. Scotland is much better than England. There are far more hills and majestic scenes all over the place. Another thing, our flat isn't in Ayr, it's actually in Prestwick, which is nearby. Also, I would advise not sending me letters a week before transfers since it costs money to forward letters to Ireland. Continue to send letters to the mission office since there's no cost to forward them while I'm in Scotland. If i move to Ireland, I'll send you my new address that you can reach me at. Don't worry now, it's still alright to send letter to the mission home.

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