Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exciting Stuff

Dear Family,
I've had a pretty good week especially yesterday. Yesterday we went to Edinburgh for the annual Royal Military Tattoo. Now this isn't really how it sounds. People just don't go there and get tattoos and stuff. In fact, that's not it at all. It's a show put on in front of the Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile with bagpipes and military bands from across the world playing in a wonderful spectacular. There were bands from Scotland, England, New Zealand, Jordan, The Citadel (military college in South Carolina), Poland, and other places. I'm sending home pictures and maybe some videos if it all works out. It was amazing. Plus I found our families tartan. It's the MacMillian Tartan. I bought a small book that explain why and a scarf with the pattern. Soon I'm going to be looking for a tie with it on it.

So about the tie I was wearing. It's the old mission tie that Elder Baumann gave me to wear and yes it does say Act well thy part. The pattern is the McKay tartan and his motto was act well thy part. To answer Michelle's other questions: i have not yet had pork chops yet; cookies and cream would be nice. I must say that American ice cream is far better than English/Scottish ice cream-it's not very flavorful and sweet-yes i've been to the beach. we went running there one morning a couple of week ago, but we're of course not allowed to swim in it which is a slight bummer. Also I have heard about the history of the Ayr ward how it was once a branch. You should ask him if the branch president was Brother Bloy, Brother McLennan, or someone else. Then I can ask them if they still remember you.

So other things that have happened. Siobhan will be baptized on Saturday and has asked that I baptized her since I'm one of the only ones that she knows. She is really prepared to be baptized and will love how much she will learn. We continue to teach Robert. He's doing well and reads everything we give him multiple times and really enjoys the Book of Mormon for its simplicity. We believe that he's knows its true, but doesn't really want to admit it. We will see him tomorrow and see how things are going. We really challenged him to notice how he feels reading the Book of Mormon.

Also, Brother McGhie was married on Thursday. That's the picture that's one of the pictures I'm sending you. So funny story time. We were tracing in Coylton in this neighborhood and there were these people on their driveway enjoying the Sunday afternoon drinking and enjoying company and I went over to them and starting talking to them about eternal families and I could see a few people trying to hold in their laughter. So even though they won't be taught, at least I brightened up their day. So i hope everyone is doing well. And please don't write to my address in Prestwick, but the one in Ayr. If you do I'll never get it and you just wasted a stamp. So do well everyone. I'm doing fine and enjoying being a missionary.

Elder Buxton

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