Monday, August 9, 2010

A Month in the Field

Dear Family,
I would just like to say that miracles are happening here in Scotland. On Sunday we met a guy named Robert tracting. It was one of those classic missionary stories where you only have time to knock on one more door, so we choose one and found Robert. He's in his 60's and is interested in the life after death, but more importantly he desires a faith of this all. We set up an appointment for tuesday. You'll hear more about this a little later. So this week Elder Baumann and Elder Bland from Stranraer went to a training meeting in Edinburgh for 3 days so Elder Shenton went with Elder Cloward (serves in Stranraer with Elder Bland; know Ryan Egbert) and I went with Elder Madsen to Ayr (just the city, not the outskirts like where I normally am). So on Tuesday we had district meeting and everyone came to Ayr. Now this part might get a little confusing, but Elder Bland went with Elder Madsen to do some stuff. Elder Shenton went with Elder Baumann to see one of our investigators named Kyle and I went with Elder Cloward to do some street contacting. So we weren't having much success until we went over to this lady and her son. I talked about eternal families with them, but the lady wasn't really listening. Although her son was really interested. His name is Terry and really desired to live with his mom after this life. So we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and set up an appointment for Saturday since Elder Baumann and I would be out of the area until then. Then I scheduled him for baptism. It was so great. Afterwards I exchanged back with Elder Baumann and Elder Shenton and Elder Cloward went to Stranraer. We visited a member and I exchanged with Elder Madsen and started working in his area which I did until Friday night. It was fun being there and we continued to work with a lady named Siobhan (pronounced Shaw-vaughn, its Celtic). She seems to accept everything we say, however though she doesn't have a baptismal date yet. So Elder Baumann and Elder Bland met with Robert and talked to him and he was really interested especially about developing faith. A few years ago he came to the conclusion that life can't be about earthly wealth and there must be something more. So they talked with him about this and they gave him Alma 32 to read, invited him to church, and accepted to be baptized on the 21st of August. Amazing. Then he came to church and really enjoyed and now really desires a witness if it's true. We also gave him a gospel principles book and to have him read and look up the references. He liked that and is planning on reading it.

On Thursday though, the day started out kinda rubbish. until about 3, we walked around trying to contact some people without much success until we decided to try this lady named Sheena. She was really interested in having us over and we asked if we could come by in 30 minutes or so. She said yes and we went and got a member named Brother McGhie. So went over there and she has really been prepared to receive the gospel. She had been reading some books to try and help her through some tough times she was going through and we suggested that she read the Book of Mormon and she accepted one. Then we taught her to pray and she was so excited to learn how. Elder Madsen said that he had never seen someone so excited to pray. I believe that she'll do well in the church.

On Saturday after I had exchanged back with Elder Baumann, Patrick had his wedding, finally. It went well and was done in the church. Patrick was then baptized yesterday and will be confirmed this next Sunday. The reason that we pushed forward his baptism is so that the elder that originally started teaching him, who came back her with his family, could baptize him. So that's why and everything went well with that. I have a picture of him and others from my mission that I'll probably send next week after I get my camera cord. Back to Saturday though. after the wedding we went to Cumnock to visit a less active, George who was planning on coming back to church. He wasn't in so we went to an investigator that we had found a few weeks earlier named Jamie. He was in and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. He already had a pamphlet and had some question on it so we went through it and said that it was starting to make sense. Then we scheduled him for baptism on the 29th of August. then we had to rush to our appointment with Terry. We went to his flat, but he wasn't there. However his aunt gave us his number to his friend that he sometimes stays with. So we called her and went over that had a great lesson with Terry and three of his friends about the plan of salvation. it went well and they all accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 28th of August. Amazing. Miracles are really happening. i know that it is through my faith and the prayers that many have said for me. I thank you for them and I hope you all do well. I got the package today, but i haven't opened. Just remember to rely on the spirit for comfort


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