Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear family,
How are you doing? I am doing good. The weather this week turn to be more Irish with rain off and on, especially on Saturday where it rained nonstop from the moment I woke up until about five that evening. It just kept raining and pouring and then raining some more, but we got through it. Today isn't so bad, it's just really windy. It sounds like things are going well for you. Michelle, I would say to you about your Book of Mormon challenge to pray about it, write your testimony in it, and then not to be afraid to give it to that person. If you do these things, you will have success. That person may not accept it, but that's okay since you did your part. I would also suggest that you give them a passage to read that is personally meaningful to you and to them. Then you need to follow-up on it and see that they read and continue to invite them to do other things especially coming to church. This next month, the Europe Area Presidency has asked each and every member to fast and pray on who they can bring to church whether its a less-active, investigator, or nonmember. They really want us to be in a habit of inviting people to come to church. Their goal is that within this decade that they want to double the active membership in Europe. It's more than possible to do. We just need to invite.
As far as other things go, our week was alright. We haven't been able to contact Emmanuel all week. We go by and call him, but no answer. It might just be best to leave it for a bit and see what comes. The Rostas family is doing alright, but we still don't really know their motive and why they still want us around. The best miracle though was that on Saturday we had a branch activity. It was a Mexican Fiesta which was mainly organized by this Mexican lady that lives in our branch with authentic food, dancing, and even pinatas! So we invited Peter to come and he came. He nearly didn't come, but then convinced himself to come and he really enjoyed it. We also had this less-active come who we just invited the day of.
So we are quite excited for this week since we are to be meeting with some new people that we found throughout the week and we shall see how that goes. We especially excited for this one lady we found yesterday named Amy who seems a bit solid. I would also like to inform everyone to use the mission home address if you plan on sending any mail the next two weeks as it is moves time once again. I'm quite sure that one of will be moving from here.
I'm sorry to hear about the church and the vandalism there. I haven't heard of anything like that happen hear mainly because they don't have A/C. I have heard of someone burning down the church dumpster. I don't think much happens because all of the churches have fences around them here, but even then stuff still happens. Other things that have happened are like heaters not working and things just broken over time or that are just faulty. Speaking of President Obama, I have heard that he is coming and all I know is that he will be in the Dublin area and back east so we have nothing to worry about. I have heard though that his visit is going to cost more than the Queen's and that there will be more road closures when he is around.
I hope that you have a fun trip to Utah and wish you all the safety of the world.

Elder Buxton

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