Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Mother's Day Letter

Dear Family,
How are and and I hope that Mother's day was fabulous. It sounds like mom got some good bits of stuff. 
I think this email will be quite short since not much happened after I stopped talking to you. I'll just share one story with you though. On Saturday we went by this less-active named Johnson who hasn't come to church for years. Missionaries have tried countless times to get him back to church. Johnson is from Nigeria and speaks originally Yoruba, but his English is alright as well. In Dublin about a month ago I picked up a Book of Mormon in Yoruba and decided to bring it with. So we go and show him it and he was shouting for joy. We read some (now that I think about it, I shared with you this yesterday, but oh well. I've come this far so I'm not stopping) and asked if he wanted to come to church. He declined saying that bus fares were expensive. We then offered to work out a lift for him and his five year old son. After talking to his wife he agreed. Yesterday he came and he really enjoyed it and even fellowshipped one of our investigators.
For those of you who weren't blessed in hearing my voice yesterday. I'll just make one other comment in that Emmanuel came to church yesterday which puts him on track for being baptized next Saturday. We are thinking of baptizing  him in the River Corrib. That would be neat wouldn't it? Well that's it for now. One other thing is that this Friday we are having a zone conference with Elder Packer of the Seventy. He's President Packer's son. I hope all goes well and that my room gets cleaned in a timely manner.

Elder Buxton

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