Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Family,
So you know how you said on skype that I was looking really healthy. Well the next day I was at the Rostas families' house and started feeling really cold and ill, so I called Sister Giffiths afterwards and told her that I had chills and didn't feel good so I went in. Later Brother Flygare came over and he and Elder Manwaring gave us a blessing. The next day my fever broke which was a good sign, but my stomach still wasn't feeling very good and I had diarrhea. I tried to go out, but felt ill and miserable. So we stayed in Wednesday and part of Thursday as well. Sometimes it was very boring and I could tell that Elder Manwaring was going crazy and really wanted to get out and do something. Luckily I felt well enough to go to zone conference in Dublin with Elder Packer. He spoke about conversion and the 5 steps: Hear, remember, apply, understand, and become. It was really good. As far as our investigators go, we saw Emmanuel once and taught him tithing and he asked, "Is it alright for me to pray to earn more money so that I can pay more tithing?" We said that was appropriate. He is so good. Unfortunately, he didn't come to church on Sunday so we will have to push his baptism back a week. I so hope that he can come next Sunday so that he can be baptized. Not much else happened other than we were finally invited out to see President O'Toole and his family for dinner on Sunday. He lives out in the country and I really don't know how to get there (he drove). Oh and 1 more thing is that there is this new family that just moved into the branch from Atlanta. They are the Perrys. He is originally from Provo and served a mission in the Ukraine. He came last Wednesday and found a place to stay and she will be coming on Saturday. He is here doing some research with the University here on web search. He is a good member.
As far as things happening at home, no I'm not jealous that you're shredding because I'm in Ireland which totally beats that. And about that comic, that reminds me of people who would sit next to me hopping that something might rub off on them. Congrats Matt on getting a job and a new calling. Keep up the good work. I got my package and everything was fine in it. Thanks for sending that stuff. Well I hope that you all have a good week and do some missionary work.

Elder Buxton

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