Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moved Again

Dear family,
I have moved again. This time up north to Belfast. I am in an area called Cavehill North which is in the Cavehill Ward. I am really excited to start serving here. My new companion is named Elder Burgess from Texas. He is from my MTC group as well making him my 4th. So my new address is:
434 Antrim Road - Apt. 7
Belfast BT15 5GB
Northern Ireland
I am exactly sure that this is my address so you can start sending stuff there. I was also wondering along with my contacts if you could send some mapeline to make some syrup for pancakes. That would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance for doing that if you can. So a bit about my new area. I am in a walking area with some buses, but we typically walk most places from what I hear. So this means no more car :(. No worries though since I need the real missionary experience of walking places. We don't live very far from the church either which is really convenient. There is another set of elders in our ward and they are in Cavehill South. One of them is from Logandale, NV. His name is Elder Leavitt and he know the Spragues that used to live in our ward. He goes home next month. Everything that i have heard about this place seems promising and we have a man scheduled for baptism in the coming weeks which I am excited to go and teach.
So Elder Manwaring is staying in Galway and is serving with, get this, his best friend since he was 5 from back home. He was shocked when he learned about it, but don't think that he is just going to goof off because his new companion was just released as a zone leader and i think that they will work well with each other. As far as other things that went on. We were still struggling to find someone new to teach. Hopefully they can soon. The good thing though is that Peter finally self committed himself to quit smoking which when he does enables him to be baptized. That was really the highlight of our week. We also had a district conference on Sunday. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake City to the over 40 stakes and 1 district (ours) in the UK and Ireland. In it Elder Kearon, Sister Barbara Thompson, Elder L. Tom Perry, and President Monson spoke. It mainly was geared on helping the members be inspired for June to invite someone every week to church and also the Area Presidency's goal to double the active membership in Europe this decade. It was really good. So that's all that I really have to say today.
I am sorry to hear about Dad's foot and hope that it will heal in time. I am glad that the headstone turned out well. I am also laughing from the story of Matt's delivery to Sarah's house. Does he use the gps or just get directions over the phone? Has Michelle got a teaching job yet? i hope that everything is going well for you all.
Elder Buxton

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