Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hard Times

Dear Family,
How are you? I am doing fine. We had some good and bad news this week with Jimmy. Everything was going really well until Thursday when he sent a text saying that he needed some time to himself to think and that he would soon call us. He hasn't yet. We had a member, the former bishop, go over there on Monday to see how he is, but he hasn't called us on how that went. So we really don't know what happened to him, but continue to pray for him and hope for the best. Other than that, we haven't really been having much success. We go tracting a lot and talk to people along the streets. Really I think it comes down to us and what we do meaning to be more committed and focused and rely upon the Lord a lot. We are also thinking of more created ways that we can find people to teach. We really want to try some things out and especially make a more concerted effort with the members here and make sure that we have really spiritual lessons rather than a simple "spiritual thought." I believe that we were placed here for a reason and that there is someone here that needs to hear the gospel.
As far as things that have happened, I hit my year mark on Saturday. We didn't do much other than go to a zone conference. I lit the candle you sent (I did receive the package and thank you for sending that). On Monday we had a zone activity and went to carrickfergus castle. I forgot to bring my camera with so sorry no pictures, unless my zone leader sends out some.
i am glad though that with all of the traveling you've done that you've been safe and hope that the trips you're going on will be good. My shoes are working fine now, but i think my feet just got used to them. I hope to able to hear from you next week.
Elder Buxton
Friends and Family, to help celebrate Jeff's year mark, please write him a letter and send it to the Belfast address! I am sure he will really appreciate it!

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