Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Steadily Improving

Dear Family,

I hope all is well as you continue to be in New Mexico and as you make you way back tomorrow. We are doing fine here as things are picking, slowly. On Saturday we started teaching a man named Alan and he actually fed us dinner yesterday of some hash and pork chops, Irish style, yum. He really wants to read from the Book of Mormon study it out along side the Bible. We really hope that as he prays about it that he can find that it is true. That's it for our teaching pool, but we want to meet with this man named Peter who is interested in their being a prophet on the earth again. We still have received no word from Jimmy, but we plan on contacting him again this week.

As far as other things that happened. On Friday we went with the Zone Leaders because they needed me to drive them from one airport to the other to pick and drop off people going on exchanges because I was the only one nearby that could drive them around since I was in the Republic of Ireland not to long ago making my year reset. So we went with them and it was good to be able to drive again. During this adventure one of the zone leaders is from my mtc group so we celebrated our year mark by going to TESCO and getting a cake and eating before we had to pick up one of the assistants. So that's what the cake is for. It really is strange that I have been out for that long now. Then the next day as we were waiting in the airport again, there was a game with the claw-thingy that you maneuver and try to win a stuffed-animal, but this one had £5 notes on them so Elder Burgess decided to try. Needless to say, he failed because the machine was jipped. So we lost 50p.  Also another thing that happened was that one of my crowns on my front teeth broke off as I was eating a crispy pizza crust. So I went to the dentist nearby and got it put on. Then on Saturday we had an Elder's Quorum activity where we played volleyball. That was fun and good to play again. It was also funny how they played-not very well. Anyways, afterwards we had some frozen pizzas and as I bit into a thin crust pizza that was a little done, I broke it off again. So today I got it fixed again. Hopefully it won't fall off.  I hope that doesn't have to happen and that it stays on.

Well I hope that everything goes well at home.  I love you all.


Elder Buxton

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