Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moves Week

Dear Family,
How are you all doing? We are doing really well. Lately we have been having quite a bit of success. First to report though on what happened moves week wise. Monday and Tuesday we stayed in. I wrote some letters, had a nap, read some of the conference Ensign, and enjoyed the last moments as Elder Burgess's companion before he was transferred to Antrim. Wednesday I met my companion, Elder Ihalmo, in the morning, and we spent the day together with Elder Burgess and another missionary Elder Costley who was waiting to travel down to Limerick. We went to the Haddocks so that Elder Burgess could say goodbye and then onto the Ward Party. Jimmy was there and we had a good time playing badmitton, volleyball and eating the food that was brought. By the way, the picture of the man that is standing between Elder Burgess and I is Jimmy. He really enjoyed himself. So yeah, I am the new district leader this moves for the Cavehill district which consists of Cavehill North and South. In Cavehill South is a new missionary named Elder Fakkel from Dallas. So as part of being the new district leader, I was sent to Edinburgh on Friday for training. The neat thing is that I was flown over there! So yes, I got to fly on an airplane. It was a long day as I woke up at 4:20, was picked up by 5:20, and flying on an airplane by 7. The morning was spent training and in the afternoon as we were waiting for our flight back we did some proselyting in Edinburgh. So it was fun and I really learned a lot. It was especially focused on Love and example--that leaders serve best when they show an example for others to live by.
In way of good things that happened. On Wednesday and Thursday we had a little time left before we were to go into our flat so we were trying to street contact those still out which wasn't much. On Wednesday a young man named Elijah approached us and wondered if we were preachers. He said that he had only been a christian for 7 months and was looking for a church. So we set up a church tour the next day. On Thursday a man approached us and said that he really respected our church. I asked if we could come around to his home and he accepted the invitation. The next day, Elder Burgess and Elder Ihalmo went over there since I was in Edinburgh and taught him and he accepted what they taught and is looking forward to coming to church this Sunday. Jimmy is doing great. He came to church on Sunday and really liked it. He is reading a lot of stuff like Gospel Principles, the conference Ensign, the Book of Mormon, and other things that he got at the church library. He is hoping that on August 6 that he can be baptized. We are working really hard to help him achieve that. Also on Sunday we went by this man in our area book named Rakesh. He let us in. He is from India, but he's a christian. He also wants to join our church so we'll prepare him for that. He also has a daughter that lives with him named Sam. So good stuff is happening.
In response to questions recently posed by family: I really don't know where those books went. I probably saw no need for them and gave them to DI. That's really neat that Michelle saw coach Moore. Does he teach at your school? Also, I didn't have any ice cream on Sunday. My companion's English is fine. Sometimes he can't remember a word, but other than that it's fine. I'm glad that the card made it to you on time. As far as trouble in the city, I don't really know. We live in a predominately Catholic area, so everything was fine. All we could see were bomb fires in the distance. Well that's all for this week. I hope you all have a very good week.
Elder Buxton

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