Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Couple of Miracles

Dear Family,
We had a much better week and a couple of miracles that happened. The first happened as we decided to go to a different bus stop to catch a bus. We decided to go to this one because we thought buses would be more frequent. In retrospect a bus came earlier at the original bus stop that we were at then a the one we went. Anyways, we were there and this man was jogging up the street and he saw Elder Burgess and stopped and said hello to him. It turns out that he met him about a month ago, but for some reason couldn't meet with him. He told us that earlier that day at 5, he was actually thinking about us. It truly was a miracle that we were led to that spot. So he gave us his number and we called him the next day and set up an appointment. He is very open minded and willing to listen to our message. He already has a good view of the church from a pen pal from Oregon that he has kept in touch with since he was about 13. So we shall see how that goes. The second came as we were walking along Antrim Road, the main street in our area, and guess who we ran into! Jimmy! He has had a hard time with a lot of opposition, but wants to get on track to being baptized once again. So we met with him the next day and he was glad to have us over again. What we want to do is to get him some really good friends in the church so that he can have some support. So we are glad to be able to be teaching him again. Alan is doing alright. He is going to take some time and some doctrinal points he has a hard time accepting, but he is willing to read the Book of Mormon. He came to church on Sunday which was an amazing feat. We gave him a Gospel Principles Book so that should help as he studies that.
Today as being Independence Day, we went with a member to see Andrew Jackson's parent's home just north of Belfast. His parents lived in this home and then decided to move to America where little Andrew was born and then became president. In fact many U.S. presidents' heritage comes from Northern Ireland like William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. So it was this little cottage that I took pictures of. Also you'll see some pictures of Carrickfergus castle. Today we also got a haircut and did some gardening for an elderly sister in the ward. So it was a good day.
It seems like you are sure keeping busy back at home with all of your traveling and such. my crown has been fine so far as i have been really careful in not eating anything too hard and I even slice up apples before I eat them. Hopefully I can keep it intact until I get home.
Also on Saturday we attended a baptism in Portadown of a lady who is dating an excommunicated member in Cavehill (he is working on getting re-baptized). She was originally taught by Elder Burgess and his companion, but since she lives in the Portadown Ward, she was baptized there. Elder Burgess was asked to speak so we went down with her boyfriend. They are planning on getting married in November.
I hope all goes well for everyone. I appreciate all of those who sent me post this past week as it really brightened up my day.
Elder Buxton

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