Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference

Dear Family,
I am doing well. Things are picking up as we continue to find and teach people. I really enjoyed general conference, the parts that I heard I should say. I watch the Saturday sessions (which we watched at the Flygares) and the priesthood session (in Limerick), but as we went over to the Jensen's to watch the Sunday morning session, their Internet kept freezing as we were trying to play it, so we decided that we come over today and watch it with them for family home evening. So that's conference and what we did. To me the counsel that I got is that I need to honor my priesthood better and be willing to sacrifice, not to give things up, but to get greater things in return. Also, I echo what has been said in that Matt and Michelle need to kick it into high gear and get married.
As far as other things go. Peter is doing well and is scheduled to be baptized this weekend. He is still struggling with smoking, but with faith, will soon come off of it. He is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy though. On Friday he read the first 3 chapters of 1 Nephi. By Saturday he read the next 12 and by Sunday he had finished 1 Nephi. Truly amazing and we continue to hope and pray that everything will work out for his baptism this Saturday. We also started teaching this Romanian family of 9 people. They want to come to church and be baptized which is good, but we aren't really sure how much they are getting from our lessons. We will see though. Also on Friday we went to this member's home outside Westport named Brother Walker. He lives in a 200 year old cottage and recently built another house that he wants to put missionaries in. He is working on getting some people interested and really desires to have missionaries up there in Westport and Castlebar which are fair sized cities. I must say that his house that he built is really nice.
As far as my mail goes, I got all my mail. Thankfully they had been saving it so soon I'll be replying to it. Don't be surprised if it takes awhile. Unfortunately, the package that you sent for my birthday. I didn't retrieve it from the post office in time and it is being sent back to you. So if you want to resend it, go ahead. And if not, that's fine with me. I did get a rain coat though. It's nice and light and works well. Also, could you send me my priesthood line of authority? I never brought that with me. Also if you could, send me a more complete pedigree chart with dates of births, death, etc. My only has names. Thanks if you can. I hope that everything continues to go well back at home. I hope that Dad continues to endure well through taxes. Michelle, you endure well too and finish out well student teaching.

Elder Buxton

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