Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Week

Dear Family,
How are you all doing? I am doing well. We had an interesting week with ups and downs, but we continue to press forward and seek the blessings of the Lord. This week was quite interesting and challenging especially since it was the district temple trip so most of the members were over in London (by the way, I so wish that I could attend temple). Nonetheless we pressed forward. Immanuel is doing quite well as he continues to read and pray. He is so solid. So funny thing that happened with him is that on Friday when we met with him he gave us some malt brew which is basically beer without any alcohol. So if you want to know what beer tastes likes, try this stuff . . . you'll never want to drink it again. With that past statement, you can see that it really wasn't all that good. So to be nice I started drinking it and got a little ways and by the end of the lesson it was still half full so I was planning on taking it with me and then pouring it out somewhere, but they insisted that I had to finish it before I left so then I chugged the thing. You would think that I would have died, but it actually wasn't that bad. The worse part actually is the aftertaste. The moral of this story is if given malt brew, don't drink it, unless you want to be nice.
Moving on though, Rada and her family (Rostas is their last name). Are still doing well. Her and and her kids came to church and I think continued to enjoy it. The language barrier is still there, but we have a plan to first give Diamond (her 12 year old son that speaks and reads the best English) a Book of Mormon reader (tells simplified Book of Mormon stories) so that he can read and understand the stories. We're also going to bring and member named Stefan Kocko who's from the Czech Republic because the Rostas family speaks the Gypsy dialect of Romanian and Stefan can speak it as well. We also want to set up skype with Romanian missionaries and to clear up some things for us. So now we move onto funny story #2. One time while we were trying to teach them how to pray especially Diamond since he speaks the most English. While we were doing this, Bousha, his 16 year old brother leaves the room. So Diamond tries to say a prayer and couldn't really get past "Dear Heavenly Father." So his uncle named Mordo asks if he could give it a try. Now before this, Mordo was telling how he got a Irish girlfriend, but he had been trying to call her, but she wouldn't answer. So he prays, "Dear God. Please have my girlfriend call me. In the name of Jesus. Amen." Two minutes later he gets a call from a private (restricted) number. So he runs out of the room. We were just dying laughing because I honestly thought it wouldn't happen this soon. Then he comes back into the room and exclaims that it was Bousha. So then we almost die laughing.
On Saturday we had a zone conference in Dublin and Elder Kerr and Elder Donaldson of the seventy came and spoke to us. It was really good and I receive counsel and revelation to help us in the area.
As far as Easter goes. I must explain about the culture of it here in Ireland. So they call it Easter Week. The schools are off for two weeks starting last Monday and get this week off as well. On Good Friday, most places shut down and if you're a devout Catholic you abide by some strict code of eating like not eating meat except for fish. As far as Easter goes, I don't really have much more on that other than most people go to Mass. Then today is a bank holiday and most of the city is shut down and quiet. I think everything will return to normal tomorrow. Our Easter included going to church. I must say that it didn't really feel much like Easter. The talks were on that, but in Sunday School we talked about the Jesus being the Lord of the Sabbath and in Priesthood about Elder Oaks talk on the 2 lines of communication from last conference. Later we had some appointments and we ate dinner with the Jensens. We did get an Easter egg from the Rostas family and Peter gave us a chocolate egg and a chocolate bar. Really it didn't fell much like Easter. I think that falls more on me and really I should have studied more on the atonement yesterday.
The Church is true though. I live by faith. I don't need to know everything and I am glad I don't. Life would be too boring that way. There would be no adventure if I knew what would happen next. Press forward with faith.

Elder Buxton

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