Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Good before Moves and Easter

Dear Family,

We had quite a good week this week as we really applied ourselves and were diligent even when sometimes we couldn't be bothered. On Tuesday we had two appointments with some people we had just met and both fell through so we decided to continue tracting a street we had started on Sunday. We weren't having much success at all until we knocked on this man's door and did our door approach and he immediately let us in and got out some juice and water for us to drink. We told a bit about us and our message especially about the Book of Mormon. We read some passages to answer some of the questions that he had. Afterwards he said, "This is a lovely book!" His name is Immanuel and he's from Togo which is next to Ghana in West Africa. He met with him again on Wednesday and taught him the restoration and he said at the end, "I've been attending church all my life and I've learned more in the past two days than all my times and church." He is a wonderful man. We taught him again on Friday and the day before he had a friend come over and for five hours they read from the Book of Mormon and got to Mosiah! He is really great and he couldn't come to church this week because it his duty to set up chairs in his current church, but he's going to go and say that it's his last week and that they need to find someone else because he is planning on coming to ours from now on. We are so blessed so to able to teach him. We continue to teach Rada and her family. They are doing well and came to church this week and enjoyed it. Sometimes it is still a struggle to communicate, but thankfully we have things in Romanian, the Spirit, and our calling to do this and if we maximize the use of all of these things, we can see them all baptized. We continue to teach Peter and we hope that with the lesson we had with him last night that he can really have the determination to quit smoking.

As far as moves go . . . . . . . . . Da Da Da Da! Elder Manwaring and I are staying together for another move which will take us into June where I'll almost be out a year. Crazy to think that time has flown by. We are excited and hope that we can do much good and be able to baptize someone this next moves. We have a lot of potential and hope that we can endure well and help these people keep the Spirit and be baptized. As far as other missionaries moving. Elder Martin, my district leader is becoming zone leader in Dublin with Elder Stewart who I served with in Elgin. Elder Heilder, his trainee is staying in Tralee. His new companion and our district leader is Elder Swainson. He sounds like a fun guy. Elder Gardner who is from my mtc group is becoming my new zone leader. That's about all I know. You might not really care about what I just said, but just nod your head and move along.

Also, my shoes are starting to fall apart especially one of them and you can tell that they are all starting to fall apart on the heel. I'm sending you some pictures of it. I know that they have a 2 year warranty and was wondering what I should do or what the warranty covers.

In response to Michelle taking over my room: I don't really care because I'm on my mission and have my own bedroom now (even though I share it with my companion). I would just like to warn you that if you thrown away anything important you shall be worthy of death or something like unto it. Don't make me come there in my wrath! (In 14 months that is). Anyways I hope that you all have a good day and treat Dad nicely now that tax season ends today. I send you my love and hope that you can have a nice break tomorrow.

Elder Buxton

P.S. Thank you for sending back my package. and everyone remember that I live in #204.

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