Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week of Success

Dear Family,
I am doing grand here in Galway. The past week we had really good weather and much success as we applied ourselves. The week started off well when we tracted in a predominately student estate and got into a young man's house. We briefly taught him and left him a Book of Mormon. We also began teaching this man named Dennis. So we were walking out of the Church's estate and we were walking past these two men when one looked at Elder Manwaring's badge and read it and asked, "Are you Jehovah's?" We replied that we weren't and then began talking about the restoration and the Book of Mormon with him. We gave him one in English, but his native language is French so we set up a time to see him later in the week. He also asked if that's all and God has revealed and we said no, but we also have the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. He wanted those as well to read in French, so we need to get that as well. He is really good and prepared. Later we met with a lady named Edith who was wanting to see us. The lesson went well as we talked about the restoration until she said that she doesn't want to follow Joseph Smith. She can see that he could be a prophet, but she didn't want to follow him mainly because he isn't mentioned in the Bible. So after talking with her for a time, the member we brought with us, Sister Hagan finally convinced her that if she wanted to know if she should, that should read from the Book of Mormon. She agreed. I am so thankful that she came with us and was able to provide that support. We had tried a couple times previously to see her with other members, but she for various reasons couldn't make it, but when we had Sister Hagan come, she was the only person that probably could have convinced her to read. I am so grateful for the great wisdom that God has.
In other things that have happened. Peter is still doing well. He is still working on quitting smoking. He's excited to watch conference and has really seen the change that the gospel brings. We are really looking forward to him being baptized soon.

Also, this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to anyone, but I sent home my wrong address and never realized it until now. I misread what Elder Ellett wrote down in my planner. So my actual address is:

204 Dun na Coiribe
Headford Road

I apologize to anyone that sent a letter to the other address, I'll be going over to that house soon to see if they kept any of my letters. Hopefully they did and I can get them.

As far as spring is concerned. The weather was good last week, but I think this week it's returning to normal which means rain and more rain. There are some bushes and trees blossoming, but for the most part, things are still dormant. We hope that the rain still won't put a damper on any of our plans though. It's good to hear that everyone is doing well and I hope that Dad can once again survive another tax season. Oh and another good story so we were walking around talking to people when we approached this man and he asked, "Do you guys know anything about the Mormon Church?" We said yes and then he told us that he was a member here on business. He's from California and his name is Dale Glenn. I don't know if you have heard of a band called Neon Trees, but his son is the lead singer in that band. Anyways, we told him where the church was and he came and yesterday we had dinner with him. It's funny to think how God puts us in the right places at the right times to bless his children. Well that's all the news that I have. One other thing is that for conference we are going to be watching over the Internet at member's homes. I believe that we are going to go down to Limerick though to watch the priesthood session. I hope all goes well with everyone and Happy April Fool's Day!

Elder Buxton

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