Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 Years Old

Dear Family,
You might be wondering why I am emailing today. Well yesterday, the Flygares, an American couple from the branch, took us out for the whole day for my birthday. We went to Connemara, an area east of Galway and saw the Kylemore Abbey and Ashford Castle. They are so nice and I am so thankful that they took us out. So we didn't have any time left yesterday so we are emailing today. It was great and Ireland is so beautiful, but since it's still winter much of the vegetation is dormant and leafless. No matter because spring is on the way. I am sending quite a few photos so enjoy.
So I need to make this brief. In general we continue to be blessed especially because we had five less-actives at church on Sunday which is purely amazing. Keith is doing well and will begin quiting smoking this week and is looking forward to his baptism this month. We are also teaching Peter still and he seems to be doing much better than when Elder Ellett was teaching him the first time. We have given him a notebook and an alarm clock to help him remember the doctrines during the lessons we teach and so he can wake up earlier enough to come to church. We are excited to start teaching him now that he has these things.
Last was interesting as well. In Galway there is a major university called National University of Ireland, Galway and every year they have this time called " Rag Week" which was originally for fundraising, but now is just a big drinking session so on Monday and Tuesday last week there were massive parties in our estate. Needless to say we are glad that is over.
i really can't think of anything else to write, but I thank you all for your birthday wishes. It was a pretty good one. I love you all and hope that everyone has a good week.

Elder Buxton

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