Monday, October 25, 2010

Roller Coaster

Dear Family,
I hope you enjoy the pictures that I have sent home that I took on my last preparation day. President Johnson invited us over for dinner Monday and since he lives 40 minutes south of Elgin, we decided that we would stop at some castles along the way. So we stopped by Rothes castles which is the wall that you see and Drumin Castle which is in the last few pictures. It was very enjoyable especially now that the leaves are changing color. Today we plan on visiting some other things around Elgin and looking in to going to Loch Ness next week.
So you're probably wondering why the subject of this email is "roller coaster." So the week started out pretty good as we were able to meet with David Nain, Maggie, and Jonathan and Mandy. We had really good lessons with them and they were all excited to learn more. Then came Saturday when I called up Mandy and her husband answered and said not to ever call back. That was a big blow.  We had really good hopes for them. They had such great faith in God and Jesus Christ and were willing to read the Book of Mormon and find out for themselves if it was true. We were so glad that we had finally found a family to teach. And then bang came the shot that was unexpected. Combine that with losing contact with Maggie. So we were devastated Saturday night until we had a lesson with Chris Thomas. He was recently baptized last month and from what I have seen and heard appeared to have a lot of pressure from his family for joining. We have been encouraging him to bring his mother to lessons at the church, but he hadn't ever asked her. Until Saturday when amazingly she came to the church for a lesson with Chris. Oh we were so excited. Her name is Martha and she is originally from Mexico City so her English isn't that good, but she can understand us perfectly. She really enjoyed that we gave her a Book of Mormon in English so that she could continue to learn English better. Then during the lesson she asked if she could do what Chris had done or in other words be baptized when she found out that it would be true. Oh it was so good and she is conditionally scheduled for November 20. Then we came to Church on Sunday. Oh and how she enjoyed it. She came to Gospel Principles and participated and like that. She went into Relief Society and participated in that as well and the members we so kind and introduced themselves to her.
Then another miracle happened later that evening when we met with a man named Robert White who said that he felt lost and wanted something to belong to, something where the people have the same values that he does (like being kind to one another, not judging other, being chaste, and not drinking and partying). She we showed him that we embrace all of that and he really enjoyed the message of the Restoration and is willing to try it out for himself if it is true. He is also conditionally scheduled for November 27. We were very glad to meet with him. The only thing is that his wife has had bad experiences in the past with religion so that is one obstacle that needs to be overcome, but when she sees the fruits of the gospel, she'll embrace it as well. So I'm really excited for this next week and especially to go to stake conference this Sunday and meet up with Brother and Sister Thom. It will be good.
So things are going well and Elder Stewart and I are getting along. My coat is working out well even though it hasn't been too cold even though it was nippy on Tuesday-Thursday. My exchanges in Inverness were good. The Chapel is right on the River Ness and it is so beautiful there. Later we went to the Black Isle to visit a recent convert that lives out there. That was neat. In way of what they feed me here. It's like home for the most part; lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, but they also like to feed us meat pies with masked potatoes a lot. It's good and I eat the stuff they put on my plate. The enjoy the members and it seems like they like us. There are about 30-40 people that come on a Sunday and we're trying to help it grow. Not many people move or move in like in Las Vegas. I love you all and hope that everything is going well. I somewhat thought of what i want for Christmas. Ties would be nice as well as music from MoTab, Bishop Young's CD, and a band called 4ordained is really good as well. Thank you for all of your support.

Elder Buxton

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