Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second Week in Elgin

Dear Family,
I am doing well here in Elgin. Things are going well. The weather isn't too bad yet. I wear my sweater sometimes, but have not worn my coat yet that i bought last week. It's a nice one I think and I got a good deal for it only paying £40 (about $60). I got it from Matalan, a store here. I also bought two ties for £5 as well so now I have some British ties to where. The weather is starting to get colder and its a good thing that we have a car here in Elgin. The reason that I am writing today is because we had a Zone development meeting and activity yesterday and we didn't get back until 5 so there was no time so we were allowed to email and shop today. We visited a castle not too far from Aberdeen which I can't remember the name of, but I sent you pictures of it. It was a lot of fun to hike around the grounds. We didn't go inside because it was £5 to get in which none of were willing to pay.
As far as my relationship to Elder Stewart, he's the senior companion and we switch of driving everyday. He's not new to the area, he's been here for 3 months now. I really enjoy driving now that I have the hang of manual even though I find it more enjoyable to drive an automatic. We've really enjoyed serving together and are hoping that we can keep things moving especially to help those investigators that we have progress towards baptism. For the most part, our three main investigators: Tommy, Dean, and George, seem like they will eventually be baptized. Right now it looks like none will be baptized until November. Hopefully everything will go well with them in this endeavor. And yes Michelle, I can understand what people are saying here even though I hear that Doric Scots which they speak east of here in more of the Aberdeen area is much harder to understand. Gratefully I can now understand most people. It's really not that hard if you're here for a couple of weeks. If you come, make sure you take me along so i can translate for you. I finally met President Johnson on Sunday and he's a nice man and really enjoys the missionaries. He's a convert and joined when he was 26. Before he moved to the Elgin Branch he lived in the Kircaldry Ward. It's neat how many connections our family somewhat has.
So Michelle, the reason that I always ask if you're married is because since you're not planning on serving a mission, the next best thing is marriage so I hear. Plus, what else are you supposed to do at BYU? Oh and by the way, Casey sent me a letter and told me that her papers were in. Way exciting.
I haven't been to Loch Ness yet, just Inverness. It's really beautiful city there.Oh and what's the surname of Sister Bourne's relatives? and do they lived in the Aberdeen Ward or the Bridge of Don Ward? I hope to one day meet her relatives. The only thing is that I really don't know if I'll ever be on exchanges in Aberdeen or not. As of now, probably not, but Stake Conference is at the end of this month and maybe I could see them then, if I knew their names and what they look like.
Well I hope that you enjoy the pictures that I have sent and have a good time guessing what they are (Hint: if it's green, it's most likely a plant). I hope you all of have a wonderful week and continue with your missionary efforts.
Elder Buxton

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