Monday, October 4, 2010

First Week in Elgin

Dear Family,
I hope everything is going well for you over after this conference weekend. It was a very interesting experience watching conference here in Scotland. We had to watch them out of order with Saturday morning from 5-7pm; Priesthood from 10-12 am; Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm; Sunday Morning from 5-7pm; and Sunday Afternoon from 9-11pm. We were unable to watch the final session because we were told that if we could get an investigator there then we could stay up and watch it, but we couldn't get anyone there. Bummer, but that's what the Ensign is for. Yesterday was a long day of watching conference. It was a lot to take in and hopefully i will remember a lot from my notes and then studying from the Ensign. I really enjoyed it and it was great for our investigators to see the living prophet here on the earth. We are so blessed to be led by a living prophet. We would be so confused in this world of turmoil. I know that President Monson is the Lord's mouth piece here on earth. What a blessing it is to hear from him.

So about my new area. It's Elgin like I said which is very close to the highlands and Loch Ness, which I hopefully can go to ones of these preparation days. My address is:

15A Victoria Crescent
Elgin IV30 1RF
United Kingdom

So you can use this address now for the next month or so until I tell you not to. My district leader is in Inverness so we will be going there for district meetings which is exciting. So fun fact, our flat is the farthest north of any missionaries in Scotland. Elder Stewart says there is a senior couple that lives farther north, but that doesn't matter since we will never be able to go there. So that's exciting. It is really beautiful here and hopefully this afternoon we'll be able to go and visit a castle not to far from here. Elgin is somewhat of a small town with a branch. There's about 20-30 people that come to church every week, but we're working on getting more out. We are working with a few people. We are blessed by the hard work of the elders that were here before me especially Elder Stewart who whitewashed (both new to the area) the area and now have some good investigators. I'll only tell you about the good ones. The first is Dean. He's 18 and at first just wanted to hear the facts, but now he has seen the gospel, pray, and reading from the Book of Mormon make his life better. He is scheduled to be baptized on Oct 22. The other is Tommy who is in his 40s. He believes the Book of Mormon to be true and seems like there is nothing in his way of being baptized on Oct 29. We constantly trying to increase our teaching pool and there are some other hopeful people. Hopefully these can turn into baptisms.

Elder Stewart is from the Logan, Utah area. He attended Utah State before he came on his mission, but didn't know Trey. His dad is actually an accountant as well and does work for veterinarians. I really enjoy serving with him. As far as driving goes, we switch off everyday driving. It's fun to drive a manual now that i know how to do it. yes Michelle I'm working on my accent. Saying words sometimes like the Scots without using slang. That would make things easier. Sometimes though I use a British accent just for fun, especially when saying my own name which is pronounced a little differently which I'll demonstrate on Christmas if you remind me. Today I plan on getting a winter coat hopefully and a hat and gloves. Hopefully i can find a stylish coat for a good deal. I hope everything is going well at home. Work on getting married Matt and Michelle. I hope Dad is acclimating well to his new calling. Tell him to read Preach My Gospel and to use Progress Record. When Elder Da Roche came to the Paisley Stake Conference he said that if we used the Progress Record effectively, we could double our sacrament meeting attendance in one year. That's a very bold promise from a general authority and I know that if the ward and missionaries work together, everything will work out for the better. I love you all and tell everyone I say hi.

Elder Buxton

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