Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dear Family,
How is everyone doing? I am doing well here in Scotland. My days in Ayr have come to an end. I have been transferred to Elgin, Scotland which is in the Aberdeen Zone. It's in between Aberdeen and Inverness. So that means I up near the highlands now which is way neat. It's a branch there, but sixty people i hear come to church every week which is a good number to have. I'm in a car area again so hopefully i don't freeze this winter. Elder Bland is my district leader. He was in my district in Ayr before he moved six weeks ago to Inverness. So my companion's name is Elder Stewart. He's been on his mission as long as I have. I'm actually not even in Elgin yet. Right now I'm in Edinburgh waiting for me and another elder to travel to Aberdeen. I am spending time with the China town elders. So i really couldn't tell you what it's like here. I will be great though nonetheless. It will be different to travel to somewhere else in Scotland. Elder Baumann's new companion is Elder Musser. He's been out as long as I have as well. Also Elder Cloward who was in my district has been transferred to Kirkaldry. That's excited. This means that there is a possibility that i could be sent there as well.
As far as what has happened in Ayr. We continue to work with Robert and Alec. They progress nicely, but slowly. Robert was exceptionally hospitable yesterday. He gave us some sweeties and me a tie (actually three because we got into talking about ties and he wanted to show us all the differing styles like very wide ones and skinny ones. Sometimes I would say that I liked certain ties and he surprisingly gave me two more). It was a nice lesson where we talked about the New Testament especially in Acts 5 where the apostles or disciples I can't remember which, started living the law of consecration basically and had to sell all that they possessed and give it to the Peter to distribute. One sold all that he had, but only gave half and Peter knew this and rebuked him and he fell over dead. He was wondering kind of why that would happen. Basically I think it was a matter of being so surprised that he fell over dead. So the moral of this story is pay your tithing. Alec is praying about a baptismal date. I may never know if he does get baptized, but I'm sure that he will.
Patrick and Luke went to the temple last weekend to do baptisms for the dead. They really enjoyed it and loved the spirit that they felt there. They are so solid and I believe will endure well to the end. It's sad to leave such a place and the people. I hope that they do well. Siobhan continues to do well as well. She comes to church and Family home evening.
As part of coming close to winter now, I will be buying myself a coat. Hopefully I will get a good deal on one. You might be wondering what else I have purchased. I have bought myself a tartan tie with our families tartan and an electric razor so that my face doesn't get so torn up every time i shave. it's annoying. As far as conference goes. I believe that I will just watch it at the branch building. I know that in ayr it start Saturday from 5-7. Sunday 10-12; 1-3; 5-7; and then 9-11pm. It will be great to hear from the prophet again. I'm really looking forward to it. My only advice about BYU is to pray for them. Maybe Matt should try out and see what he can do. i hope that you all have a good week and bless me now to understand a new dialect. Hopefully it will be easy to understand now that i have been in Scotland for quite some time now. Do well and read your scriptures. By the way, how is you new calling Dad? Anyways I love you all.

Elder Buxton

P.S. Michelle, get married soon.

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