Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost Two Months in the Field

Dear Family,
How is everyone doing? Is Michelle engaged yet? She tells me that her friends are setting her up on dates. I just wanted to let you know that I found a pink tie in our old flat so I'm ready to have my picture taken in it in preparation for your wedding. So what's it like being on the top? I hope you make this year memorable since it will be your last year of undergrad. It was good to hear that BYU won last week. It's crazy who fast time flies. It really hit me last week that football has started once again. It's a shame though that no one here pays any attention to it. They really only enjoy their football (soccer). Nonetheless, there are some American missionaries that i can talk football to. I'm glad that you met with
President David Beck and are really willing to give rather than recieve. I hope that this really helps a young man in need and helps to proclaim this joy we all have to those in need. I got a package from my friends this week with letters from them and american candy. Honestly, the candy they have here is terrible unless you like mallow covered in chocolate. Sure they have some american candy, but for the most part, I cannot believe that people really enjoy this. Oh, by the way, i thought of another thing that would be great to get: Life cereal. Amazingly, i cannot find it here. That would be great though.

In way of what I've been up to. We continue to work with Robert. Right now we trying to take it slow and try to encourage him to do things rather than force. Not to say that we were really pushy, but that's really how i think we can help him most. It was Stake Conference this weekend in Paisley, a suburb of Glasgow, and we had a visiting general authority, Elder Da Roche of the Area Seventy. He requested for a missionary, investigator, recent convert fireside on Saturday evening. So on Friday we invited Robert to this, but he wasn't really sure if he wanted to come or not. Then miraculously at 7:30 the next morning we get a phone call from him saying that he wanted to come. So we arranged a lift for him. He really enjoyed it especially when President Yates (the stake president) invited the recent converts to share their testimonies. He was really touched by some of them. Another thing is that his sister is curious about our church now so she will attend our church later this month. She is also interested in family history so we informed him of our free family history services. We believe that eventually it's going to hit him that the Church is the right decision for him to do. We don't know when, it could be tomorrow or in two years. No matter though, but i really only care that he is baptized. In response to mom's question on if we are teaching Patrick friend, the answer is that we have not been able to see. Patrick is really trying to get him to activities and lessons we have with him, but nothing really yet, but we can really see that this can change his life, he'll be so good. Siobhan still does well and we're really trying to get into contact with some investigators that we have. I'm excited for this week. It will be good, hopefully.

I hope everything is going well for everyone else. I still appreciate all of the love i have received from everyone. It's really great to hear from those that write me. Please remember though to not write to my former address in Prestwick, but either to the one in Ayr or the mission home. Thank you and I know that Christ lives and wants to bless us.

Elder Buxton  

Siobhan's Baptism

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