Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Dear Family,
How are you doing? Since I don't have much time to write you an email I will write more in a letter that i will send home. So in response to the celebration of Halloween in Scotland. Yes they do celebrate it I believe similar fashion to Americans. However I don't think that many people trick or treated since it was on a Sunday. However in talking to some British elders, namely my district leader, Elder Bland, they seem to start trick or treating on the 29th and build up to the 31st. We really didn't see any on the 31st. I suppose that most went on the 30th or they could be doing it tonight. Hopefully not. Tracting with trick or treaters is not the best idea. So on Saturday we were trying to book our evenings as best as we could, but with really no luck. So we were left to tract so we went to an area not too far from the Chapel where a lot of elderly citizens live which we thought was a good idea. So we knock on this guys door and he wasn't interested at all. We then asked who he thought would be and he referred us to his next door neighbor. So went to his neighbors house and did our door approach and he amazingly let us in, which doesn't happen very much. So this man is named Gordon Alexander. He's 74 and lost his wife last Christmas. He has felt lonely and really appreciated our company. We taught him a little about the spirit world and the Restoration. He seems to like reading from the Book of Mormon and we have invited him to be baptized on the condition that he has found it to be true and he accepted. Hopefully he will be baptized on November 27. So that's really the miracle for this week.
The other good news is that Sister Martha Thomas who I told you about last week (I think I did anyways). She was able to come to Stake Conference. The Cummings (a member and in the branch presidency) were able to give her and her son a ride. She absolutely enjoyed it and feels very happy and lighter than air. She still isn't certain as to baptized just yet, but as we teach her more, that will come hopefully. I probably failed to tell you that she has already begun to quite drinking coffee even though we haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom to her. Simply amazing. Well that's really all the time I have for writing this day. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I can get one of me and a highland cow soon. Well I love you all and will send home Preston MTC tips in my letter home.

Elder Buxton

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