Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Transfers Again

Dear family,
Well, it's been six weeks once again which means transfers. I am actually staying in Elgin for another move, however, Elder Stewart was sent to Ireland for a six week special assignment to boost one to the areas there. So my new companion is . . . Elder Erickson! He and I were in the same district in the MTC so I know him quite well. He's not here in Elgin yet, but will be tomorrow. So transfers were quite funny this time. So yesterday, Elder Stewart and Elder Bland (normally in Inverness, but transferred to Dundee) left Elgin at 2 pm so they could make it to the Mission Home that night so that Elder Stewart could then travel to Ireland today. So Elder Manning and I spent the rest of Tuesday together. Then this morning he and I went to Aberdeen to pick up Elder Crockett (my zone leader in Paisley) and Elder Shindalack (I don't think this is how he spells his name), anyways. Elder Shindalack is my new district leader. He's from the Czech Republic. He's English is quite well as well. So he will be serving with Elder Manning in Inverness. Elder Crockett is going to Invergordon for a six week special assingnment to boost the branch there. He'll be serving with Elder Whitmer, also from the MTC district. So we all traveled back to Elgin and will be spending the night here. Then Elder Erickson and Elder Whitmer are traveling from Ireland over here and will be in Aberdeen this evening and will then drive to Elgin tomorrow morning. So that's that.
So less about that and more to meat of things. Oh and by the way, Elder Erickson is from Declo, Idaho. So on to what happened this last week and beyond. We had some good success. Sister Thomas, Brother Waterson, and Brother Nain are all progressing. Brother Nain and Brother Waterson both came to church and loved it. Sister Thomas had a small fight with Brother Thomas, her son, so she didn't come, but things are better now. She was going to be baptized next week, but now she has an ear infection and won't be able to be taught for a couple and days which means that her date is moved back now to the 27th. Hopefully she will get better and be able to learn more and be baptized then. Brother Waterson finally accepted a baptismal date for the 27th. He said they he wouldn't promise, but that he'll try. He says that a lot. Also Brother Nain has invite us over for dinner this evening so that we can meet this children finally. Hopefully they will be interested as well. That's really what's been happening for the most part or really just the big news. We're working hard to increase our teaching pool. Hopefully we can get the ward excited as well.
Now to respond to Michelle's questions. The leaves are turning colors and falling to the ground rapidly. There are evergreens that stay green all year round, thus the name. Yes, that would be a great graduation present as long as you take me with you so that I could show you around. I wish you well with everything and hope that everything goes well for your teaching tests and observation. Mom, that's really exciting that you're a ordinance worker now. I wish that one day I can work in the temple. The Spirit in the temple is amazing and I have really enjoyed reading the temple edition of the Ensign, but I really can't wait for the November Ensign so that I can really study up on Conference. Hopefully they come soon. It takes a little while for them to come to the UK, then we have to wait for the next missionary meeting for us to get them. Oh that reminds me, if you send a package for Christmas, send it to the mission home. I'll get it right before Christmas since we will have a zone conference before then. So don't worry. I wish you well in all that you do and I love you all.

Elder Buxton

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