Monday, November 15, 2010

New Companion

Dear Family,
How are you doing? I am doing well. My companion is Elder Erickson from Declo, Idaho. He is great. I am the senior companion which I am somewhat getting used to. It's sometimes a challenge to make decisions as to what to do, but I am working on gettng better. We still switch off everyday so that Elder Erickson can learn the area better. In fact, I don't know it completely well. I still turn to the map often to know how to get to places, but the more that I am here, the more familiar it will become. We will have a challenge tomorrow since we have a zone conference in Dundee and neither of us have ever been there with the exception of taking a train through there on the way to Aberdeen. No worries though since we will print off the directions and hopefully get there. It will be fun though. I hope that you enjoy the pictures I am sending home. We went to the driving range a couple of weeks ago to hit some balls. It was fun. There is also a picture of my district last moves. The tall one is Elder Bland, my former district leader. The one of me and another elder is of me and Elder Manning who is normally in Inverness. We were on exchanges on Tuesday and took a picture in our flat in Elgin. The others are of when we went to Duffus Castle again and a rainbow that was very vibrant, but the picture doesn't do it justice. There is one of Elder Manning and Elder Sindylek, my new district leader from the Czech Repbulic. His English is quite good as well. I believe that we will be in good hands with him. Oh and there were some higland cows next to the driving range. That's what those furry creatures are. Soon I plan on getting a picture with one to send home so that you can place that on the Christmas card. In way of Thanksgiving, that's a good question. We will see if anyone wants to feed us next Thursday. Otherwise, it'll probably be just a normal meal and we probably won't celebrate black friday, we have missionary work to do. It's colder here as well. Normall it's about 5 degrees C. We were at the Branch President house yesterday. He lives near Glen Levit and the temperature got down to freezing there. This morning there was frost on our car as well. Apparently, this winter will be bad. Last year it got down to -20 degrees C. So hopefully our car and my clothes will keep me warm.
So in way of investigators. They are doing well it seems. David Nain is progressing nicely and came to church on Sunday. We haven't been able to make contact with Sister Thomas though. She has had a bad ear ache, so we weren't able to teach her. Brother Waterson were working on helping him live the Word of Wisdom. He smokes a cigar every night and drinks tea. We have tried to convince him to throw it all away, but he seems to want to use up what he has and then live it. Hopefully he just puts in all in the rubbish bin.
On Sunday I had a marvelous experience. I was sitting in the back next to Brother Nain and I guess I was really discouraged since we hadn't had such a good week, then something hit me and I remembered the hymn, "Count your many blessings." Then I cheered up and realized. I'm in the true Church. We have an investitgator at church and I am in the midst of the Saints. What could I ask for more? Counting your blessings really cheers you up. Just like in President Monson's talk on gratititude how in the midst of the light from the latern, they could truly see how much they are blessed.
Oh and that reminds me. Elder Erickson is the Ensign for this month! If you look there's a picture of some missionaries in Dublin and he's the one that's quite tall and next to the one making a funny pose (that's Elder Beal who I met a BYU before I came). Well that's all for now folks. Tune in next week. I love you all and hope that you are all doing well.

Elder Buxton

A Highland Cow

What a lovely pose!

New Companion!

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