Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Preparation Day

Dear Family,
How are you? It sounds like you are doing well and that your trip to see grandma and grandpa went well. We are doing well here and had a pretty good week. Then best thing that happened was that on Wednesday we had an appointment with a man who wasn't there so we decided to knock a few doors in the area. As we were approaching the first door, Elder Heidler said, "Look who it is." I turned around and saw Edna who we taught a few weeks ago, but had been at her daughters helping to care for her and her grandchildren. We caught up a bit and set up an appointment for the next day. We brought Brother Sullivan along and we spoke about the first part of the plan of salvation, then as we were about to go, I asked her what she thought about being baptized. She said that she would still like to and had been thinking about it when she was at her daughter's. Then Brother Sullivan said that it would be important for her to set a date. Edna liked the idea and said that that it was she normally does when she sets a goal. We then asked her what date she would want to set. She then thought and said that her birthday would be good which was in July. Brother Sullivan than commented that that was too far away and that the adversary would try and tempt and get her away from this and that she should set it sooner. So she thought for a moment and asked what today was. We said that it was the 24th of May. She then said that why don't set it for a month from now. It was truly amazing to see how the Spirit works when we are unified. Also what was interesting was that we planned to invite her to be baptized on June 24, but weren't really planning on doing it right of way, but I felt inspired to ask just so we can see if we were going anywhere. Then on Sunday while we were at church, I was sitting next to Elizabeth after sacrament meeting and Brother Sullivan and Edna came around and Brother Sullivan was asking Elizabeth how long ago she was baptized. Then Edna said "I'm getting done on the 24th." It was so good to hear that.
Other things that happened were that I went to on exchanges to Buchan which is the ward north of Aberdeen. We went to places like Peterhead and Fraserburgh. Also on Wednesday we helped Brother Anupum take down an old shed in his back yard. That was fun to just use a sledge hammer and take it apart. We also started teaching this man named Frank who is from Africa. He really wants to know which of all the churches are true because many testify that theirs is the one, but we hope as we teach him more that he can pray for himself and see. Also on Sunday night we were in an area and we were going by some people that said we could come back. None really wanted to us in though. So we saw this lady out in her front yard eating a chippie with her children. We then learned that she is a member of the church and was baptized when she was 12 and now wants to get back into it again. It just goes to show that the Lord places people in your path.
This past week, the weather has been really good and some call it a heat wave even though the temperatures are only between 62 and 77 degrees. It's hot for them, but definitely not for me. I hope that the weather continues, but knowing Scotland, it probably won't. Have a good week and safe travels,

Elder Buxton

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