Monday, May 28, 2012

Middle of May

Dear Family,
I am doing well here. Things have slowed down a bit. Like the missionaries in our ward, we only had 5 lessons to investigators this past week as well. It seems that the things we are doing aren't working and the people we were working with can't meet with us yet (or might not want to at all). Jonathan is doing alright and is still reading the Book of Mormon on his own and finding answers in there. His sister came back from University in Switzerland on Saturday. Hopefully she won't hinder any progress we are making with them. From what we have heard about her, she is a nice girl. Other than that, we taught a few people her and there, but nothing much. Last night we were supposed to see this guy named Kingsley, but he wasn't there so we decided to go and knock a few doors before the end of the night. So we decided to go wherever the Spirit would prompt us to go, so we went to this area and knocked on three doors. Nothing happened, then a man came out of one door that we knocked on. Elder Heilder called after him and he said that he had already spoken to us a couple of times, but we got talking and we were able to answer some of the questions that he had. It was a good conversation we had and he became quite interested to read from the Book of Mormon that he was given earlier.
Other things that we did were go to zone conference which was all about the Book of Mormon we were also given a new dvd that we can pass out that gives an introduction and has Elder Holland's testimony that he gave of it a few conferences ago along with the conversion story of a Bishop in London. We look forward to giving it out to people. There I also saw Elder James and my "grandson" Elder Park who Elder James is training. There is a picture of it that I sent already. On Sunday, the other missionaries had a baptism of a man named Paul. He is the husband of a member. The great thing is that he started investigating mainly because he saw how well his wife was taken care of by the Relief Society. His investigation has also helped him wife be more active now as well. It is so great when a family comes together. 
Looks like things are moving on at home. It will be sad to see that the suburban won't be there, but to be honest, I never liked to drive it. Are you planning on getting replacing it?
We will probably having dinner at the Stobbarts when we go on Monday evening. 
Does Dad ever go out with the missionaries as he is a ward missionary?
I hope that everything goes well at home.

Elder Buxton

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