Sunday, May 20, 2012

Post-Mother's Day

Dear Family,
I hope that you are all doing well after I last saw you. I really enjoyed to speaking to you and getting some answers to some things that I was pondering about. Thanks once again. So I looked up how long it would take to from Aberdeen to Loch Ness and other things and figured that it would take about 7 hours to do it all. So if that can fit in with the plane ride to London, I would love to see these things. 
So on to missionary work though. Elizabeth is still doing well. Jonathan has made some progress though. He has been getting some answers as he continues to read from the Book of Mormon. Sometimes he flips to random pages and reads what it says and many times it answers his questions. We also promised him that if he came to church yesterday-which he did-that he would do well on his Chemistry exam that he has tomorrow. Now I hope and pray that he will. Other than that, many of our investigators haven't been able to meet with us for various reasons. We thought we found a very solid lady from a less-active referral, but she canceled, but still wants to meet sometime. We found a less-active street contacting and she was willing to meet with us and gain her faith back, but she wouldn't return our calls nor could we find her address. However we were able to meet with this man named Kingsley who after watching the Restoration dvd, and discussing it, wanted to meet again. So we hope that as he reads from the Book of Mormon, that he'll see the need to join the Church. We hope though that this week will be better especially since Edna is coming back from her daughter's this week, Sam is feeling better now, and we have a few appointments this week. Also we have started doing this Book of Mormon loan program where we lend out copies of the Book of Mormon for about a week and then go by and see what people think. This first two we gave them to, gave them back, and one other lady nearly gave it back, but after talking a bit more, we found out that one of her grandsons wants to know where it came from so we set up an appointment and gave the book back as a special gift from us to her. We hope that we can teach many of her family.
Thanks for all that you do.

Elder Buxton

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