Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Is It

Dear Family,
As you already know, this is the last and final email that I will be sending as a missionary. It has been really good to serve the Lord and declare His Gospel. By His Grace, I have learned so much and know that my mission was the best two years for my life. Last week had its challenges and miracles. On Tuesday I went on exchanges to Elgin. It was really weird to work in my old area. The best part of our day was that we went street contacting in the city centre and we were going around it and went down this one alleyway and these two young guys were coming towards us and we stopped and spoke to them. One of them was especially interested. His name was Matty. He believed in God, but a couple of nights before he was praying to God to find some sort of assurance that He was still there. Then we spoke to him on the street. He had a strong belief in God, but was wondering what God wanted him to do next. I am really so glad that we were able to meet him and his friend Harris who the Elgin missionaries taught later that week and they both want to be baptized. Later we went to the Stobbarts and I confirmed with them that we are going there for dinner on Monday. The Elgin missionaries will be there as well. While in Aberdeen, Elder Heidler was able to meet with this less-active and his girlfriend, Don and Kimmy. We have been working with them and Don knows the Church is true and really just wants a little push in the right direction. Kimmy is his girlfriend and has been getting more and more interested. She has read all of 1 Nephi and wants to learn more. In the lesson, Elder Heidler asked them about coming church. They thought about it and Kimmy said that this week would be the best for her to come and Don agreed to come as well. On Saturday we phoned Kimmy and she said that she was still planning on coming as long as Don was feeling well. Then on Sunday we were waiting for Church to start and they walked into the Church. I was so amazed and happy that they were there. I really hope that they can continue to progress. 
On Wednesday we were able to see Edna again. She is doing well and really likes learning about the gospel. On Friday we helped an elderly sister in her back yard lay a path. She had these concrete slabs (which many people use to make footpaths in their yards) laying around and wanted a path made. So we dug up some grass and dirt and laid these slabs down. It was a lot of fun and at the end of it, it looked very professionally done. I wish that I brought a camera along to take a picture of it. Also on Sunday we helped out in the primary. Elder Heidler played the piano and I sat and sang. We also sat in the Relief Society because Sister Ware was giving out a challenge based on President Hull's challenge during Stake Conference. The challenge was 3 parts: 1. pray for the missionaries and missionary opportunities 2. having meaningful contact with the missionaries once a month 3. help convert or reactivate someone in 2012. So she wanted us there so the sisters could know who the missionaries were. I really hope that the sisters take on board this challenge. Later on Sunday we went by a referral from the other Aberdeen missionaries. He let us in. His name is George and he is from Turkey. He wants to read the Book of Mormon and we plan on getting him one in Arabic for him to read. Other than that, Elizabeth continues to do well. Jonathan is making a bit of progress. He went to young men's on Tuesday and played some softball. He continues to come to church. He wants to play me in basketball when I come back with you. 
If you're not aware, much of the country continues to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. There are many festivities throughout the UK. The ward had a jubilee party on Saturday.
I'm all packed and will be traveling down to the mission home today on a train. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. You might be able to see Elder Heidler on Wednesday as well. Thank you for all that you.

Elder Buxton

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