Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear family,
the past week was really interesting. the biggest news is that i've been transfered again. this time i'm going from up north to down south, really south. My new area is gallway, ireland. so i've left scotland and right now i'm on my way to belfast by ferry. the ferry is really high tech and has internet access so i can email you right now. my new companion is elder ellot. he is from my mtc group as well which means that it is my 3rd companion from my mtc group. so i'm excited to get there and serve.
as fo the baptism, it didn't go through. it turns out that antonio is a vulnerable adult so we had a meeting with a man from the council who was wondering how accountable he was and also about tithing since he lives off benefits. that went alright and there weren't any concerns. however at the burns supper he got really mad over small things and the whole branch was there to witness it. pres johnson pulled us aside and said that if it was up to him, he wouldn't baptized him. so after talking with him and pres griffiths we decide to postpone it, but when we called him, he didn't want to be baptized anymore or meet with us. we were sad. sorry i haven't written much but i will on monday. sister thomas is doing well and hasn't drank coffee in 3 days. michelle, i know here, shee came to our zone conferences. love you all and talk to you later.
elder buxton

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