Monday, February 21, 2011

2 weeks until My Birthday

Dear Family,
I am doing well. Things are slow, but I know that if I continue to be diligent and focused on the Lord's work this week, that great things can happen. As far as answering some questions. It doesn't really matter what address you send it to. If to Limerick I would get it then next time I go there which would normally be Tuesdays. If sent to my flat, the postie (mailman) would knock on my door, but if I'm not there, he would leave a note that says that I need to go to the post office to retrieve it. So it's really up to you where you send it.
As far as other things that have happened. We were teaching Keith and everything was going well. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he agreed to it. At first he said that he would wait to live it until Lent, but we resolved it in saying why not start now and be clean by lent. He agreed and we were planning on giving him this no smoking program that is guaranteed to help someone quit smoking in seven days as long as they follow all the steps. They need to do things like use mouthwash after every meal and drink a lot of grapefruit juice among other things. We weren't able to give him that since he didn't come to his lesson on Friday because something came up. He was supposed to come to church and we arranged a lift for him with a member. However he wasn't there when he came to pick him up and later sent the member a text saying that he appreciated our time, but didn't want to be a Mormon anymore. We really don't know why this happened, but we are going by him today to see what's up. This is quite strange, but we know that the devil works hard on those trying to find their way into the Kingdom of God. We are still having a hard time seeing Hemerson as well. We can't get a hold of him on the phone.
As far as other things that have happened. We had a zone conference in Dublin on Thursday. It was good. It was funny since President and Sister Giffiths and the assistants arrived late. They were ready to go on the airplane and the little car thing pulled them out and then put them back in and it became know that there was problem that needed to be fixed on the plane. So it was fixed and they were off. Thankfully they did that or might not have been any zone conference. In the meeting though we really focused on the basics of planning and being able to regularly see our investigators. It was great and we learned a lot. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with my district leader, Elder Martin, in Tralee. It was good and I learned a lot and hope to be able to implement it in my own area. We were able to also have dinner with this part member family that are really solid. The father isn't a member, but is scheduled to be baptized this week. From what I have heard, he's been going to church for some time and even has a calling and finally he is going to be baptized. Interesting enough is that the wife's sister is a member here in Galway.
It is good to hear that great things are happening to you all back home and hope the best for you and Matt and Michelle, a safe trip back to Utah. Honestly, I forgot that it was President's Day weekend. Obviously they don't celebrate it here. However the elections are happening soon. I believe actually this week. There are a ton of political posters all over everywhere, especially on the lamp posts. It's interesting that most posters really just say the person's name, party and "vote No. 1." There isn't much mud slinging on the posters. However, parties are sling at other parties. There are also a lot of people that go from door to door trying to persuade people to vote for their candidate. This isn't very good for missionary work since many people think that we are electioneers. We are quite anxious for the elections to be over. From what we hear this is a very critical election since many people aren't happy with the current government.
I would just like to remind everyone that in two weeks from today is my birthday. This means that I have the final two weeks of my teenage years. As of now, we don't really have anything planned to do. Hopefully this American couple in the branch do something with us.
I wish everyone well in all their endeavors and hope to hear from you all soon.

Elder Buxton

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