Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Dear Family,
How are you doing? I am doing well.Ireland is great, but I must say that it rains far too much. It is said that Galway is the wettest city in Ireland which isn't very good for me. We have had some good days and some really rainy days. Yesterday was interesting as in the morning and all through church it was bright and sunny and then at about 3:30, the sky became really dark and then the rain just starting pouring. It stayed that way until about 7 and then stopped. Today's weather has been pretty good. It hailed earlier this morning along with being very sunny. That's Irish weather for you. It's similar to Scottish weather (not a big surprise since they're right next to each other). In speaking more about this area. It's quite large. We stretch as far south as Ennis and as far north as Westport. So I'm in a big area once again. We drive an Opel Meriva which is the same car I've had my entire mission except this one is automatic. It's quite a change to go from manual to automatic. Sometimes I still reach down as if I'm going to shift only to realize that it shifts for me. It's a branch because we're in the Limerick District plus the unit isn't very large (30-40 people come each week). We don't have our own building, but we rent out a building in an industrial estate. Inside is quite nice and spacious for our needs. It's weird attending church there, but a building doesn't make a church, the people do. The branch is quite multicultural. We have Irish, Nigerian, American, Welsh, South African, Danish, Brazilian, Czech, and Mexican members. As far as teaching people from other countries, we hope and pray that they can speak and understand English. We have quite a diversity of Book of Mormons in different languages. Nonetheless, many people use the language barrier as an excuse to not talk to us, which is unfortunate, but we press on.
As far as things that happened this week. We were finally able to see Hemerson, but only briefly as the mechanic that he arranged to fix his car came really late and was busy doing that, but we visited with his member friend Fabio and attempted to read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese. It was fun and enjoyable. Keith came to church somewhat unexpectedly. We weren't able to meet with him through the week, but he showed up at church and I believe he enjoyed it. We are meeting with him this evening. We have also started teaching a lady name Regina. She's Irish and open, but I am unsure what her expectations are and if she has any desire to join, but she does what a place that she can take her kids (golden). We'll call her and arrange a time to see her. That's all for now and hope that everything is going well for everyone. Happy Valentine's Day.
As far as what I would want for me birthday: Butterfingers and any other sweeties, maybe a new rain jacket. The one I have is really big and bulky. Ties are always nice. If you want to give me money, please just put into my account so that | don't have to exchange it. Thanks for all that you do.

Elder Buxton

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